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Chris Evans stars in Chinese-only ‘Call of Duty Online’ trailer (UPDATED with full trailer!)

Evans Call of Duty Online trailer

Update 1/6/15: A full length trailer has been released for the game, starring Evans. The clip shows several Chinese gamers in awe of Evans’ ability to blow things up. To be fair, he is good at blowing things up. 

A new trailer for the Chinese-only Call of Duty Online, stars Captain America himself, because hey, Chris Evans gotta eat.

While it might be seen as a bit ironic that the guy that plays Captain America is featured in a trailer for a Chinese-only game, the title is a monster in mainland China. Consoles in the People’s Republic are slowly becoming available after years of being banned, but PC gaming is king and free-to-play titles with a heavy emphasis on microtransactions are generating billions.

In order to get some of that lucrative pie, Activision teamed up with Chinese gaming giant Tencent for COD Online. The game takes familiar multiplayer maps from previously released western COD games, and repackages them for the new audience. The leveling system has been overhauled as well in order to fit in the microtransactions, but it is otherwise a traditional Call of Duty game, just without a campaign.

Evans Call of Duty Online trailerCall of Duty Online is currently only available in mainland China, and given the continued success of the franchise in the West, it will likely remain that way for a while still. If sales continue to drop though, Activision could bring the game to Western shores at some point. It has discussed it before, but an online-only free-to-play version of the COD games would certainly cut into the mothership franchise.

As for the trailer, it pretty much speaks for itself. Evans is a bad ass and joins other bad asses to shoot digital enemies in the head. It might seem fairly jarring to see a star of Evans notoriety appear in an ad that will never been broadcast in his home country, but it is fairly common for Hollywood stars to head oversees and collect a nice little paycheck for a few days – or even hours – work.

Evans is a massive star in China thanks primarily to the Marvel films, which are huge hits in China. Captain America: The Winter Soldier took in over $100 million in China alone.

Anyway, check it out.



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