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The Star Wars: Episode VIII title may have leaked (emphasis on the “may”)

Episode VIII title leaked

Fair warning before we get started – the report you are about to read is either a leak that reveals the Star Wars: Episode VIII title, or it is something someone with too much time on their hands and not enough direction in their life made up. If it is the former, the name would fit nicely with the new trilogy’s adherence to the structure of the original films. If it is the latter, who ever created the hoax should consider taking a few weeks off of the internet.

So now that you have been warned, here’s the deal: someone supposedly stumbled upon a poster meant for the upcoming Star Wars Celebration in Europe, scheduled for July 15-17. They grabbed :37 seconds of video for some reason – maybe if a picture is worth a thousand words, 37 second of video is worth, like, 19 million – then posted it on Reddit. It quickly reached other sites, which obviously makes it completely true, right?

It’s not clear where the guy is, why there is so much noise, or why the poster would be up two months before the event. That all helps add to the suspicion. You can watch the clip at the bottom and judge for yourself.

Episode VIII title leakedNow, leet’s for a moment assume this is all real. If so, the next Star Wars movie (after Rogue One) will be titled Star Wars: Episode VIII – Fall of the Resistance.

Lucasfilm and Disney haven’t said when it will announce the subtitle of the next movie, but there’s reason to believe it will be soon.

With The Force Awakens, Disney waited for the principal photography to conclude and announced shortly after. With Episode VIII, director Rian Johnson is expected to complete principal photography sometime around June or July of this year. That would line up perfectly with the Star Wars Celebration.

Of course, Disney and Lucasfilm have plenty already to show this year at the celebration, including footage from Rogue One, games, and more. The studio may want to wait for a bigger audience.

There’s a better than average chance we will see at least a teaser trailer for Episode VIII attached to Rogue One. Assuming that is the case (and it probably will be), imagine fans watching the new footage for the first time, then at the end they see the Star Wars logo splashed across the screen, followed by the subtitle slowly becoming visible and revealing the name for the first time. People will lose their damn minds.

We knowEpisode VIII is coming out, we know who is in it, and when it is releasing. The subtitle doesn’t really matter in the grand scheme of things. Fans would murder an Ewok to find out, but keeping the subtitle secret until at least December doesn’t affect the production or marketing in any way. Ironically, the best reason to release the title early may be to avoid leaks.

If the leak is true, Fall of the Resistance would actually fit. Based on J.J. Abrams’ Star Wars: Episode VII – The Force Awakens, the filmmakers are sticking somewhat close to the original trilogy. Having the second film use a title that signifies bad things would echo the name Empire Strikes Back.

The title is also just kind of great. It’s catchy, to the point, and ominous. It’s also much better than some of the earlier rumors for the title. The two most often repeated rumored names for Episode VIII are “Tale of the Jedi Temple,” and “The Order of the Dark Side.” The name “Fall of the Resistance” is much stronger than either.

Again, this is all unconfirmed and it may be months before we know for sure. So salt, grain, all that jazz.



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