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Epic ping-pong, son!

epic ping-pong match

Earlier this week, something magical happened. It had nothing to do with people debating until someone tapped out or footballs, it had to do with a tiny white ball and two men with paddles.

That came out wrong, but earlier this week a truly epic ping-pong match-up was posted on YouTube. I have no idea when the match actually took place, but that doesn’t really matter. It’s still awesome.

The match in question took place between Xu Xin and Zhu Linfeng and consisted of 42 exchanges. Now, when I play ping-pong, to begin we tend to start by hitting the ball back and forth four times in honor of the word “ping.” These are typically light returns, meant to get the ball moving, then we actually play to see who wins serve first.

We frequently don’t make it past “G,” so 42 hits is incredible.

It’s exhausting just to watch these guys go at it. It’s a good thing that the area they play in is large enough to let them run around.

As for the results and the importance of the match, I have absolutely no idea. It’s neat, but it’s still ping-pong table tennis. One person went on to win and probably won a trophy or something, I don’t know.

Check it out below and enjoy.



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