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The entire NASA media library to the public for free

The entire NASA media library to the public for free

Over the past few decades, NASA has quietly built up one of the most impressive and incredible media libraries in the world. The space agency has earned a reputation for its breathtaking space images, including things like a dying star, closeups of dwarf planets, the moon photobombing the Earth, and more, b. But what we see when certain images hit the healdines is only a small fraction of the complete library.

On April 20, NASA quietly released its entire media library to the public, all for free and without copyright. That includes images, videos, audio, and more. In total, the library contains 140,000 resources, all of which are available to download now.

The library is so large that it can actually be a little daunting to scan through. Your better option is to use the filters and try a search, but you’ll need to be fairly specific. Typing in “space,” for example, is going to bring back over 100,000 results, while typing in “Hubble” and selecting images whittles it down to just under 3,500. Searching for “Jupiter” narrows it down even more, and so on and so on.

Image quality varies based on the image and the size you want to download, but there is a little bit of something for all space and photography fans.

The media library was released on April 20, aka 4/20. That’s probably just a coincidence, but it means there were probably more than a few people celebrating the day while spending a lot of time with NASA. Check it out, but be warned, it is a deep, deep rabbit hole, with material that goes back nearly 100 years, long before NASA was even formed.



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