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And now, an Elon Musk heavy metal tribute song

And now, an Elon Musk heavy metal tribute song

When you run a website, you tend to get the occasional tip sent your way. When you run a website like Dead Beats Panel, those tips tend to be a little weird.

This one comes from Trevor Anderson. So… thanks? The clip is a tribute to the one and only Elon Musk, presented as a heavy metal song from the band Raptor Command, and according to it, Elon Musk is the man that will save the world.

And to be fair, the band isn’t the only one that thinks so. Musk is responsible for pushing the private space travel industry forward by leaps and bounds. His name will forever be linked to electric cars and autonomous driving. His company (well, one of them) recently released a home battery charged by solar panels that can take your house off the grid. He’s supporting a project to provide free wifi everywhere. He’s even part of the proposed hyperloop train that will theoretically take people from LA to San Francisco in minutes.

If Musk were taken prisoner by terrorists and wounded with metal creeping toward his heart, he would probably be Iron Man.

As for the band, they have more on the way. The keyboardist/guitarist, Max Carlisle, said, “We’re working hard on the EP which will include the first single, plus our follow-up singles, ‘Falcons Over Moscow,’ ‘Fusion Reactor In The Sky’ and a ballad called ‘Of Course I Still Love You.’”

“We also have another song in the works called ‘Monomethylhydrazine’ although that one may end up as an instrumental. We honestly can’t think of anything that rhymes with monomethylhydrazine.”

Check out the clip below and do the Musk. Or maybe do the Elon. Whatever.



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