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Dying Light: The Following tips, tricks, and Easter eggs

Looking for some Dying Light: The Following tip, tricks, and Easter eggs? Huzzah! You’ve come to the right place. The headline was probably a giveaway, huh? If you’re looking for info on the main game, we also have some Dying Light tips and tricks.

Through a combination of skill and possibly witchcraft, Techland’s Dying Light blew away all expectations and became a massive hit. Despite unfairly average reviews, the game went on to sell over 5 million copies. And more than that, people kept playing it for over a year.

Dying Light was released on January 27, 2015. After its debut Techland released a smattering of underwhelming DLC, but The Following is more than just a few new quests and some mini-games. The new add-on offers a massive new world to explore. The map is huge and introduces a new story, new characters, and even a new mode of transportation. It also has plenty of Easter eggs.

So behold, our Dying Light: The Following tips, tricks, and Easter eggs guide! This guide will be updated often as new Easter eggs are discovered. If you stumble upon some we haven’t discovered, please let us know!

Dying Light: The Following Tips, Tricks, and Easter Eggs


Dying Light: The Following tips, tricks, and Easter eggs

Arguably the biggest difference between The Following and the original Dying Light is the introduction of the buggy. The new vehicle will get you around the map faster, and it can be used to crush zombies. The downside is that it takes damage, and you’ll often need to replace or repair pieces.

You will also earn and discover upgrades to the buggy – including blueprints – so you’ll generally always have the ability to replace parts as needed. To find the components to build the pieces, you’ll need to loot car engines (just look for the icon when facing a car engine). You can also find 40 different paint jobs that change the aesthetics of the buggy.

You’ll also need fuel. As with the component pieces, you’ll need to loot cars for gas. Most cars will have empty tanks, but if you see a gas station, be sure to hit it up. To add the fuel, simply walk to the back of the buggy and look for the icon and fill as much as you can.

  • The buggy also has its own skill tree named “Driver.” The more you drive, the more you’ll level it up. You’ll need to unlock new abilities to get better parts for your buggy.
  • Until you really upgrade the buggy, consider it primarily for transport, and a fragile one at that. Once you’ve toughened it up a bit, it becomes a weapon.
  • Although the buggy is a big part of the game, you can get around on foot.
  • You can recall your buggy to any safe zone.
  • The “Car Alarm” creates a distraction sound. it’s a good early skill to purchase.


Dying Light: The Following tips, tricks, and Easter eggs

We have some Dying Light: The Following tips, tricks, and Easter eggs to help you get the most of Techland’s DLC.

The Following has multiple endings (no spoilers here). Playing the game will lead you to a decision in the last mission. Both choices lead to a different ending – just keep playing and you’ll get to this point.

There is a secret ending though, which requires a few additional steps. You will need three items: Nuclear Codes, Military Activation Key, and a Military Transport Key. You can take them in any order (Images courtesy of and

  1. Dying Light: The Following tips, tricks, and Easter eggs to help you get the most of Techland’s DLC. The Military Transport Key is located in a red crate on the first floor against the wall in the grain silos facility (look for two open warehouses). You’ll also find the Behemoth there. (Top Right)
  2. Head to the lake near the dam. You’ll find the Military Activation Key under a dead body (you’ll need to interact with it) in the marked zone. (Middle Right)
  3. The nuclear codes are found in a green military crate underwater. To find it, you’ll need to head to a rocky outcropping with a supply crate on the east side of the map. From there dive underwater to find the crate. (Bottom Right)We have some Dying Light: The Following tips, tricks, and Easter eggs to help you get the most of Techland’s DLC.

Once you have the three pieces, you’ll need to find the military research caravan. Head for the north/south two-lane road on the east side of the map. Look for a white truck northwest of the village. (Below)

Use the Transport Key on the card reader, the Activation Key on the computer, and the Nuclear Codes on the bomb.

We have some Dying Light: The Following tips, tricks, and Easter eggs to help you get the most of Techland’s DLC.

Freaks of Nature

Dying Light: The Following tips, tricks, and Easter eggs

Scattered throughout The Following you’ll find the “Freaks of Nature,” exceptionally powerful mutated enemies. Killing them will earn you a rare item, including blueprints, enhancements, and new weapons.

These enemies can be challenging. They are made to be beaten by multiple players, although that isn’t required. If you aren’t carrying sufficiently powerful weaponry though, you may end up wasting more resources than its worth.

When you come across a Freak of Nature – easily identified by the name and health bar that appears at the top of the screen – take a moment to reconnoiter. If they are wearing armor, you’ll need to break through it before you can really deal any damage.

  • Grenades and powerful firearms (shotguns especially) are ideal. Crossbows are useful too.
  • Check the environment – look for exploding items you can use against the Freaks.

Gameplay, Side Quests, and Weapons

Dying Light: The Following tips, tricks, and Easter eggs

The gameplay in The Following is unchanged from the original game. When you begin the DLC you will continue your character from Dying Light. That includes all your items and attributes. There are plenty of items to be found in the new map, but you will also have access to your Player’s Stash and everything you put in it back in Harran, as well as anything in your inventory.

Beyond that, the weapons in the DLC are the same as in the primary game. You’ll find them scattered around the new map, you can upgrade them based on blueprints you have, and you can add modifiers.

How you play is dependent on your level – the harder the difficulty, the more you’ll need to adapt to that setting. Pretty obvious, of course, but the tougher the setting the more effort it takes to kill enemies. If you haven’t maxed out your character yet, you should use hit and run tactics and play it safe until you have more powerful weapons.

Although not technically part of The Following you will also now have “Legendary” levels available after you’ve maxed out your character (it is available to everyone as an update). There are 250 legendary levels, meaning you have a whole lot of options based on your preferences.

  • The map in The Following is twice as large as the two in Dying Light ­– although it is not nearly as dense.
  • The new “Nightmare Mode” introduces a higher level of difficulty where enemies are tougher and night lasts longer. You also use more stamina.
  • Playing the game with anything other than a maxed out character will be tough on any setting. Grind up to at least level 12 or expect to spend a lot of time running from enemies.
  • While The Following is designed to accommodate co-op play, it is not necessary to play with others. Some areas are actually easier alone.
  • The Following introduces new ranged weapons: a crossbow, a revolver, and a submachine gun.
  • The competitive “Be the Zombie” mode also returns.
  • The DLC introduces “Bounties,” challenges that come in three varieties: “Basic,” “Dailies,” and “Community.” They change frequently and generally require you to do something that may be easy, but often time consuming. You can only have one bounty active at a time – you’ll need to choose it in the quest screen.
  • You have a rank that signifies your “level of trust” with the Faceless, the group you are trying to contact. There are six levels, including the initial “outsider” rank. Each new level earns a reward, and you’ll level up just by doing quests.
  • After completing the Fatin and Tolga side quests you’ll pick up a yellow tool. Use these to hack military crates (until you receive the military access card).

Volatile Nests

Dying Light: The Following tips, tricks, and Easter eggs

One of the new side quests introduced in The Following are the Volatile Nests. These nests are generally standalone side quests, although there are a few that tie into the story.

The idea is simple enough: you locate the entrance to the hive then make your way through it, killing the volatiles that are attached to the ground. To find them, use your survivor sense and look for the enemies kneeling down and immobile. You’ll need to kill them all to clear the cave.

There is an easy way to clear a nest, and a hard way. The easy way is to wait for night when the volatiles leave. You’ll just need to fight off the remaining zombies and kill the attached volatiles. The environments can be confusing, so you’ll also need to navigate the area quickly before the sun rises.

The hard way is to go in during the day when the volatiles are there. Depending on your level, you should be able to survive, but the question is whether or not it’s worth it. Even if you can kill volatiles with one hit, you are still wasting the durability of your weapon at the very least. If you have average weapons, you could end up wasting a few of them. It’s easier just to wait until evening.

  • Each nest has a level of difficulty, which you can find by checking the icon on the map.
  • When you hit a nest at night, it gives you a countdown letting you know how long you have until the volatiles return. When they do you still have a few seconds, but you’ll be attacked quickly.
  • Use camouflage to avoid getting attacked – given that the kneeling volatiles are generally surrounded, walking up to them camouflaged is easier.

General Weirdness and Easter Eggs

Dying Light: The Following tips, tricks, and Easter eggs

There are several Easter eggs located in The Following. Some are simply cool things to see, others are more than that. With a game like Dying Light, it will probably be a long time before we find them all. We’ll update this list as more are found.

  • Strange Rocks and that Glowing Symbol. The image above is from the attic of a safe house near the dam. There are 15 “Unknown Strange Rocks” scattered around the map. Finding them all leads to a special scene (no spoilers). These stones glow blue, making them easier to see at night, but they won’t be easy to find. If you want a shortcut to finding the stones, here is a complete list of where to find all 15.
  • Harry Potter. In a small blue house, just east of the dam in the southern section of the map, you’ll find a Harry Potter Easter egg. Just look for the closet under the stairs turned bedroom. Once you find it, look at the skull until it spins, then head out for another surprise.
  • David and Goliath. At the southern edge of the map, there is a tiny island you need to swim out to. As you get near, you will see the red health bar for either David or Goliath (it changes randomly). Kill them both for a rare reward.
  • Infinite Driver Points. There is an exploit that allows you to get infinite driver skill points (courtesy of WhatsmyGame). Jump into your buggy near a safe house at night and back up against a wall. Tap the reverse button every four seconds (it must be at least four seconds but can be longer) and you will earn 200 points each time you press the button (100 points during the day).
  • Paper Airplanes… OF DOOM! In the northwest section of the map, look for Jasmir’s farm. On top of a water tower, you’ll find a flag and the “Origami 101” blueprint inside a military crate (you’ll need the hacking tool).
  • Anti-grav Grenade. Found in the southern tip of the map, just east of the dam, look for a red box next to a white van.
  • Teleport. On the easternmost part of the land mass, past the graveyard but before the ocean,  you’ll find a pair of tall, cylindrical rocks. Make your way to the second one to find the blueprint for “Tolga’s Folly,” a reusable item that will teleport you across the map – randomly. Be prepared to hit it a few times if necessary.

We will update this Dying Light: The Following tips, tricks, and Easter eggs list, so check back often!



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