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Check out Dust, a short film about evolution run amok

Check out Dust, a short film about evolution run amok

If you have about 30 minutes to spare today, then this is the right post for you.

Below you will find the short film Dust, directed by Jason Gallaty, starring Mashasi Odate and Michael Evans Lopez. It depicts an alternative world, and features some of the best special effects you will find outside of a feature film with a decent budget.

The project began in 2012 as a Kickstarter project, seeking $100,000. The initial goal was to have the film completed and sent to backers in 2013. Things took a little longer than expected though, and backers had to wait until 2015 to get their hands on a copy.

The wait seems to have been worth it. Following its release, the film went on to win several awards, including Best VFX and Best of Fest from Filmquest, Best Sci-Fi from Hollyshorts, and Best Film from Dragon Con. Following its release on physical media in 2015 for its backers, it is now available online and you can decide for yourself.

Dust is described as:

A Sci-Fi, fantasy inspired by anime and classic horror, Dust is set in a harsh and unpredictable natural environment where people have isolated themselves in an ancient city behind a massive wall. A socially marginalized tracker teams up with a black-market merchant to save the society that has rejected his way of life.

The entire short film is available below, and you can watch it all for free. Gallaty is holding out hope that the interest in the short will lead to a feature film, but either way, it’s worth a watch. Check it out below.

Dust from Ember Lab on Vimeo.



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