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If you hate heights, this base jump will make you feel weird

Dubai base jump

The marriage between extreme sports and the relatively new phenomenon of people filming themselves doing anything and everything continues to grow. There may be a day when people try to one up each other so much that they start punching sharks in the noses and taunting enemies in a combat zoneĀ – in fact, there may already be videos showing that.

For now though, the bar continues to be set higher and higher. Literally.

In the video below, a group of professional BASE jumpers head to the second tallest residential structure in the world. The building is so tall that the top sits above many clouds. The clouds disperse at some points, but many of the jumpers are leaping completely blind.

The BASE jumpers couldn’t care less. They laugh, they joke around, then they fall hundreds of feet.

The video was originally posted under the name “Dream Jump,” by the company XDubai, an extreme sports company out of the UAE. The same company recently made news with its video of a pair of pilots flying jetpacks high above the city of Dubai.

Check out the video below. Fair warning though, if heights bug you this video might make you feel a wee bit odd.



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