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A pair of drones show us the Himalayas from the air

drone footage of Everest

Two drones fly over the Himalayas capturing some incredible footage. The drone footage of Everest and surrounding areas is stunning.

Update: The original link is no longer active. Check out the new one instead. 

No matter how small technology makes the Earth feel, there are some areas that only the very brave – or very stupid – will ever see in person. For the rest of us, there is footage like clip below.

The short below made its way to nearly a year after the recording was actually made. Two drones were carried deep into the Himalayas. Along the way it captured a variety of places most of us will never visit, including towns that sit on the top of the world.

Included in the footage is the base camp of Everest. It seems peaceful enough, even relatively warm – at least compared to the common conception most of us have of the world’s tallest mountain. It is a lie though, and a costly one. The footage was taken in May 2014, less than a month after an avalanche on Everest killed 16.

Despite the fact that the footage was taken by drones, it was still obtained at great difficulty. Not only did the drones need to be carefully carried up the mountain, at that height the lack of oxygen can make flying difficult.

The footage below is a part of the ongoing video podcast known as the “The Rest of Everest,” which was taken by filmmaker Jon Miller. The trip with the drones was Miller’s seventh to the mountain.

Check it out below and feel free to plan your own trip to Everest. Just make out a will first.



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