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Coffee is basically the best thing ever

drinking coffee can help your liver

If you drink a lot of coffee, good news! You may live forever – well, barring accident, illness, age, bad sushi, everything on the continent of Australia, and a thousand other things that want to see us all dead. If you regularly drink coffee though, one thing you can knock down on the list of mortal threats may be liver damage caused by heavy drinking.

A new study conducted by Monash Health, part of Australia’s Monash University, claims that drinking three cups of coffee each day can have a positive impact on a damaged liver, even one damaged by alcohol (specifically liquor).

The study was overseen by Dr. Alex Hodge, who along with her colleagues studied 1,100 patients diagnosed with hepatitis B, hepatitis C, or fatty liver – a condition typically caused by significant alcohol consumption. In all cases, the liver was damaged, causing it to have difficulty filtering blood.

The study found that frequent coffee consumption can help reverse some of the damage caused by liquor. The patients with hepatitis C saw the most improvements from coffee – those suffering from damage caused by food and beer, saw some improvement, but not as much as eating better and exercising.

These new results build on an earlier study from the World Cancer Research Fund that found drinking coffee may reduce the risk of liver cancer by as much as 14-percent. Liver cancer is frequently a result of heavy alcohol abuse. The study wasn’t able to determine how many cups per day is best, but it did recommend drinking coffee unsweetened with low fat milk.

If you are looking for more specifics on how coffee helps the liver, here you go (courtesy of Medscape) :

Coffee consumption was associated with improved serum gamma glutamyltransferase, aspartate aminotransferase and alanine aminotransferase values in a dose dependent manner in individuals at risk for liver disease. In chronic liver disease patients who consume coffee, a decreased risk of progression to cirrhosis, a lowered mortality rate in cirrhosis patients, and a lowered rate of HCC development were observed.

Beyond the assertion that drinking coffee can help your liver, it has also been linked to a decreased risk of bowel cancer, stroke, and Alzheimer’s disease. It can also help you deal with your morning commute and irritating coworkers.

Sure, it stains your teeth, gives you bad breath, and can negatively affect children that are still growing, but for adults, coffee is a very good thing.



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