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After many delays and heartbreaks we now have a Doom release date (and new trailer)

Doom release date

After spending nearly eight years in one form of development or another, id Software’s next Doom finally, mercifully, almost miraculously has a release date.

Bethesda and id have confirmed that the game will be released on PC, PlayStation 4, and Xbox One on May 13, 2016. The two also released a new campaign trailer to go along with the announcement.

If you don’t really follow the gaming industry, you probably don’t know why this is such a big deal. Sure, it’s the next chapter in a storied franchise, but there’s more to it than that. Much more.

Doom originally began development as Doom 4 several years ago. The game was announced in May 2008, but the actual development was rumored to have begun as much as a year before that.

The game was hyped as visually stunning, with the id guru John Carmack claiming it would blow people away. But first, the developer needed to finish work on Rage. Along the way, id was acquired by ZeniMax Media (owners of Bethesda Softworks), which just increased the expectations.

Rage took several years on its own right, and was released with a thud. It was generally seen as technically impressive, but that didn’t equate to the blockbuster sales everyone had hoped for. A sequel was approved, but the lower-than-expected sales put a lot of pressure on Doom 4 to perform well.

At the time, unbeknownst to most, Doom 4 was a mess. Carmack was continually working on the idTech engine (then at idTech 5), and the staff was continually being split up to jump between it and the Rage property. Inside sources confirmed that the development of the new Doom was a mess thanks primarily to mismanagement.

In 2011, Doom 4 was completely scrapped and a new development on Doom began. There were still problems though, and those were compounded by internal shakeups. In June 2013, id’s longtime president Todd Hollenshead left the company, and in November, John Carmack departed to join Oculus.

Carmack was the last remaining member of the group that founded id.

The game continued with fresh eyes. Bethesda showed it off last year as part of its E3 showcase, and the reaction was strong. The gameplay is reminiscent of the original game, where caution is a last resort and running head first at demons as you wield chainsaws and other powerful weapons is the way to go.

The trailer below focuses on the campaign, but there will be a robust multiplayer offering as well.



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