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This is why you don’t fly a drone over a Renn-Faire

This is why you don’t fly a drone over a Renn-Faire

Someone in Russia thought it would be a good idea to fly a drone over a Renn-Faire. Turns out, it was not, as evidenced by the spear.

People in Russia take their Renn-Faire seriously. For real, you don’t want to just roll up on one and drop some anachronistic bullshit. If you do, you won’t like the results.

During a recent Renaissance Festival in the Lipetsk region of central Russia, someone elected to try flying a drone over the festivities. This was a poor choice, as one of the Russian warriors decided that the foul metal (or fiberglass) beast was the spawn of Satan or something.

Whatever his rationale was, the end result is that he threw a spear at it with surprising accuracy, and murdered the shit out of it.

Rennaissance performers in Russia apparently take their jobs seriously.

It’s unclear who the drone belong to, but you’ll probably be able to figure out if/when a lawsuit comes. It’s not like the Renn-Faire is renting time. What happens if someone pulls out a cell phone? Does one of the Russian warriors smash them in the face with a mace? Do they burn smokers to death to prevent their witchcraft from spreading?

Anyway, the drone has the watermark UAV 48, which seems to suggest that it’s an official drone of some sort. If so, Russian Renn-Faire guy don’t give a fuck.

Check out the video below.



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