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Dogs hate poltergeists

Dogs hate poltergeists

Videos claiming to depict poltergeists can be tough to watch. Sure, they can seem extra creepy, but they are also frequently fake. Super fake.

All it takes is a fishing line, a camera, and too much time on your hands, and boom: welcome to the paranormal world and thousands of YouTube hits. If you go all out and you’re lucky, you may even make it onto a news site. Every once in a while though, there are videos that are a little tougher to write off. They could still be fake, of course, but at least it isn’t a simple fake.

The clip below is from a guy that claims he had several instances of poltergeist activity in his home. To document it, he set up a camera to capture incidents on tape, and the one below is one of the creepiest.

According to the poster, the camera was left recording when the guy was at work. He supposedly leaves a radio on for the sake of the dogs, which roam free all day.

The clip is a little longer than we usually post, but it’s packed full of stuff. Radio distortions, weird noises, and stuff flying around – it’s all there.

As always, there is a chance this is faked. The most questionable factors are that everything takes place in a few minutes, and the dogs all seem to stare at the same thing off camera. That could be a person, or it could be the source of a sound. According to the video, there was a picture that fell off the wall, which is what they were looking about.

Besides, they are dogs. Dogs stare at weird things. They also don’t seem to like whatever was causing the ruckus on camera. There are a lot of stories of dogs and ghosts not getting along – in fact all animals are supposedly aware of ghosts. So the next time you see a cat running around swatting at nothing or staring at the ceiling, your house may be haunted.

Or cats are just weird. Anyway, check it out.



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