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Spend your day watching this documentary about ghosts on the London underground

Spend your day watching this documentary on ghosts on the London underground

It’s considered one of the most haunted places on the planet, and this documentary about ghosts on the London Underground explains why.

Although Halloween is still a few months away, it’s never too early to take a break from the horrors of the real world in favor of the horrors of the paranormal. And in that vein, we have a video for you to spend a little time with and get you in the mood. Plus, it’s narrated by the Eighth Doctor, so enjoy.

The video below is a full, 45-minute documentary, so make sure you have some free time before settling in to watch it. The show is titled Ghosts on the Underground, and as you may have surmised from the headline, it focuses on paranormal stories from the London Underground. And according to some, the London Tube is one of the most haunted places on Earth.

The London Underground was first opened in 1863. It has grown to encompass 270 stations, 250 miles of track, and services 1.34 billion people each year. It also survived dozens of attacks during World War II, and countless accidental deaths (plus a few deliberate ones) over the decades.

To further the idea that there may be ghosts in the London Underground, construction of the Tube has disturbed an untold number of graves over the years – some simply as the construction uncovers forgotten remains, some as a result of planners forced to exhume graves and move bodies to a new location to make way for the new track. And that’s not counting the hospital trains that used to run several times daily.

The documentary also discusses the interesting effects of “infrasound,” which many believe can alter your mood and make you more receptive to ghost stories. It is debateable how impactful these sounds are, but the guy in the show certainly believes in their power.

Ghosts on the Underground highlights several well-documented incidents, and it is all narrated by Paul McGann. Check it out below and join us as we run headfirst toward Halloween!



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