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The Doctor Who Season 11 Trailer is Here But Manage Your Expectations

The Doctor Who Season 11 Trailer is Here But Manage Your Expectations

After plenty of teases and delays the first Doctor Who season 11 trailer is here, but it doesn’t really offer much in terms of the show’s direction.

Since the moment Jodie Whittaker made her onscreen appearance as the 13th Doctor during the 2017 Christmas special, fans have been clamoring for a look at the latest era of Doctor Who. That’s true every time there’s a new Doctor taking over, but it is especially true of this coming season given that season 11 will feature a new showrunner, a new cast, and the first female Doctor in the shows five-decade history.

But now that the first teaser trailer is, out, it’s… well, it leaves a little to be desired.

It’s important to note that the clip below, which debuted on Sunday during the World Cup is only a teaser. But still…

The clip is vague to the point of being infuriating. It doesn’t really offer anything new – the companions were announced a long time ago and there are plenty of images of Whittaker in costume. Even the content doesn’t really give any hints about what to expect. Does the Doctor deliver food now? Does she trail rewind in her wake? Who knows.

One thing that makes this additionally annoying is that the show is probably going to have a lot of news and possibly footage during its July 19 Comic-Con presentation. It’s always nice to recognize and reward fans that have gone out of their way to show their appreciation for a property they love, but Comic-Con is becoming less and less accessible to the average public. The costs have skyrocketed, the format has seen lines have grown, and the presenters are almost always more interested in self-promotion than fan appreciation.

The looks offered at Comic-Con have an air of exclusivity, which lead to bad handheld videos going viral and plenty of written descriptions by press and fans. If they are lucky and there is enough attention, that will do more for the mystique of the property than any actual trailer could, but it’s a frustrating rebuke to the millions of fans that can’t make it to San Diego – especially when it is a first-look. Having additional, exclusive footage is one thing, but giving the only real look to a small audience is frustrating.

This also comes just a few weeks after someone leaked a scene from the first episode and one of the first scenes of Whittaker as the Doctor. The BBC was not amused and is now seeking legal help to identify and punish the leaker. So all in all, it’s not been a good few weeks for Doctor Who in terms of PR and fan service.

In many ways, this teaser is the BBC at its most BBC-ish. On one hand, in a stroke of luck the teaser was available and ready to go during the once-every-four-years World Cup. While in the US that probably didn’t mean much given the way the games were broadcast, in the UK it was equivalent of an ad during the Super Bowl in terms of people watching. And yet despite that, and despite the fact that this is a bold new era for the show, the BBC did the bare minimum. It was the visual equivalent of a network saying meh. Even tacking on the release date would have made the teaser significantly more impactful, but nah.

So now, we wait – but probably not for long. There’s a good chance Comic-Con will reveal much more, including when the show will debut. Or at least you’d expect it to given the prominence of having a major presentation at the show, but don’t put anything past the BBC. If anyone could fail to build on a show’s popularity with all of that going for it, it’s the BBC.



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