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Doctor Who heading to the theaters in the weirdest way possible: A K9 movie

K9 movie

Rejoice! There’s a Doctor Who movie on the way! Despair! It has nothing to do with the Doctor.

A film titled K9: Timequake has officially been confirmed via K9Official. It will be a live-action movie starring the Doctor’s metallic companion, and it is due out in theaters in 2017.

Casting hasn’t begun yet (according to Bleeding Cool, that will come soon) but there is a synopsis. And it will probably piss off a lot of people.

Move over R2D2 and C3PO”……

K9, the World’s most famous robot dog traverses the dimensions of space and time to become the latest robot star of the big screen!

Having made his TV debut nearly forty years ago in the 1977 Doctor Who TV serial “The Invisible Enemy” K9 went on to become one of the most iconic characters from the BBC series.

A new look high tech K9 for today’s cinema is being prepared for film stardom.

The film “K9-TIMEQUAKE” has been written by one of K9’s original creators; Bob Baker, a renowned writer of classic Doctor Who serials. Bob went on to co-write with Nick Park the Oscar and Bafta winning Wallace & Gromit series of film shorts as well as the feature film Curse of the Were-Rabbit.

The new K9 will be appearing in a Multi-Million Dollar movie which promises to be a great action adventure set in deep Space. The film will be full of dashing heroes and heroines, Androids, monstrous Aliens and an ultimate foe who will also be familiar to Doctor Who fans everywhere; the megalomaniac OMEGA.

The film is to be a UK co-production with exteriors filmed overseas and studio work planned for the UK.

It’s one thing to use K9 in a film – that’s kind of sweet. It’ll probably be geared for kids, which is where Doctor Who was born. The Omega thing though… no. Just… just, no.

If you don’t know the classic Doctor Who, Omega is a bad ass. He was one of the founding Time Lords, and is the person that first harnessed a black hole to power time travel. He was a hero to the people of Gallifrey, and was mourned when he was seemingly killed when a star went supernova.

He didn’t actually die though. Instead he became trapped in an anti-matter world. The time alone drove him mad, and he sought revenge against the Time Lords he felt abandoned him. He kidnapped the Third Doctor and tried to use him to escape the anti-matter universe, no matter the costs. The Time Lords called in the First and Second Doctors to assist, and the three Doctors managed to trap Omega. He returned once more during the Fifth Doctor’s run, and was trapped again.

Omega was a mad genius that harnessed the power of supernovas and operated with the powers of a god. He needs to come back to the main series as the big bad of a whole season. He’s like the Master/Missy, but even more of a genius and powerful. Bringing him back in a kid’s movie with K9 is disappointing.

It’s not entirely clear how the movie will fit in the greater Who universe. There has always been a grey area when it comes to what is and what isn’t canon in Doctor Who, and K9 is a prime example of that.

K9 recently returned in the Tenth Doctor story “School Reunion,” and then again in The Sarah Jane Adventures. He then appeared in his own UK/Australian show titled simply, K-9. It was created by K9’s creator, Bob Baker, and it starred the voice of the original K9, John Leeson. The design for K9 belongs to the BBC though, so a new design was commissioned. It’s not clear which design the K9 movie will use, but based on the statement, it will be something new.

As for the K9 series, it took place in the near future and it’s not clear if the show considered canon or not.

The movie is being developed by Baker and Leeson will lend his voice, but it is a UK production. On a cool note, the film’s release will mark the 40th anniversary of K9. We should hear more later.



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