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Disney and Lucasfilm Announce a Live-Action Star Wars Series

Disney and Lucasfilm Announce a Live-Action Star Wars Series

Details are scarce, but producer, Writer, and Actor Jon Favreau has been tapped to create an original live-action Star Wars series.

As it turns out, Disney and Lucasfilm may believe that they have a hit on their hands with this whole “Star Wars” thing. Today, the pair confirmed that the Star Wars universe is expanding once again, this time to include a new live-action Star Wars series. There aren’t many other details to go on, but we at least know who to blame if things go badly.

Lucasfilm has tapped Jon Favreau to executive produce and write the series. It will debut on Disney’s “direct-to-consumer” platform, which is set to debut at some point in 2019. Plans for the service have been kept under wraps, but it will offer all of Disney’s original content, including its Marvel films (it’s unclear how this will affect the shows already airing on other networks), and presumably all the Lucasfilm works, both new and old. It will cost less than Netflix each month, but an exact price hasn’t been set yet. Somewhere in the $7-$10 range per month is a distinct possibility.

As for the Star Wars TV show, there’s not much else to say at this point. We don’t know if it will exist within the Skywalker era, or – like the recently announced new films from the Game of Thrones team and the others from director Rian Johnson – it will be set in a different corner of that universe unrelated to the existing story. It sounds like Favreau will have a hand in that, but there may also be a set vision in place.

“I couldn’t be more excited about Jon coming on board to produce and write for the new direct-to-consumer platform,” said Lucasfilm president Kathleen Kennedy. “Jon brings the perfect mix of producing and writing talent, combined with a fluency in the Star Wars universe. This series will allow Jon the chance to work with a diverse group of writers and directors and give Lucasfilm the opportunity to build a robust talent base.”

Favreau knows the Disney team well, having helped establish the Marvel Cinematic Universe thanks to his work on the Iron Man films, as well as his appearance in other films as the character Happy Hogan. He also worked with Lucasfilm on the animated Star Wars: The Clone Wars and the upcoming Solo: A Star Wars Story.

“If you told me at 11 years old that I would be getting to tell stories in the Star Wars universe, I wouldn’t have believed you,” said Favreau. “I can’t wait to embark upon this exciting adventure.”

Expect to hear more on this soon.



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