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Destiny 2 Details: Everything you need to know

Destiny 2 Details: Everything you need to know

After months of hints and rumors, Activision and Bungie have finally begun to reveal major Destiny 2 details. The game will act as a sequel to 2014’s immensely popular and long lasting Destiny, but it will also be designed as a jumping on point for those that haven’t played the game before. There’s a whole lot we still don’t know of course, and a lot we won’t know until the game has officially been released, but we at least have enough to give us an idea of what to expect.

There’s still a whole lot we don’t know of course, and a lot we won’t know until the game has officially been released. But we at least have enough to give us an idea of what to expect, and more than enough to get us excited.


Destiny 2 release details

Destiny 2 Details: Everything you need and want to know

To begin with, Destiny 2 will be released on PlayStation 4 and Xbox One on September 8, 2017. The series will also appear on PC for the first time, although it may be released after the console version an official release date hasn’t been announced.

As with the original Destiny (and pretty much every game these days), there will be an optional Season Pass you can purchase. Details on what this includes are still to come, but based on the Destiny Season Pass you can make an educated guess that it will include new Nightfall Strikes, Raids, Trials, areas to explore, and more.

There will also still be PS4 timed exclusive content, meaning Sony users will have the option to buy (or download with the Season Pass) all DLC before their Xbox One and PC counterparts. It’s not clear when the first DLC will be released, but according to the press release, non-PS4 platforms won’t get it until at least Fall 2018. Given that the 2015 Destiny DLC The Taken King is still only available on the PS4, it might be even longer.

A beta will be available this summer on all platforms.

General Changes, Including Better Loading

Destiny 2 Details: Everything you need and want to know

While fans of Destiny will probably feel right at home with the sequel, there will be some significant changes and improvements that will cut across all game modes and make it feel like a wholly new experience.

To begin with, you will no longer need to go into orbit to select a location/game mode. That, paired with promises of faster loading overall, should speed things up significantly. That might seem like a minor change to people that haven’t played much – or any – Destiny, but fans will probably cheer that decision.

There will also be several new locations across all modes. We’ll have to wait for a complete list of the new locations, but we do know the Guardians will now explore the European Dead Zone (EDZ), the Jovian moon of Io, a machine world controlled by the Vex called Nessus, and Saturn’s moon of Titan. There will probably be several others as well, and each new area will have multiple areas within it.

The new areas will also be revamped in how they are presented. The new maps will be larger than those in Destiny, and they will contain multiple sections that have different functions. They will also feature plenty of NPCs that can assign two types of side-quests: Adventures (short, self-contained missions that expand the story of Destiny 2) and Lost Sectors (essentially dungeons with unique bosses and treasure). You will also have access to a new map system, complete with filters to help you locate specific things, including public events.

The Coming of Clans (and Co-op Matchmaking)

Destiny 2 Details: Everything you need and want to know

Destiny 2 will also feature official clan support, complete with custom banners. Clan members will have challenges to complete, which earns rewards for their entire clan. There will also be a clan experience system, which means clans can level up.

Perhaps the most important reason to be excited about clans is the new “Guided Games.”

One of the biggest – and most requested – changes will be the way co-op games are organized. To get in a Raid (or similar mode) with strangers, you basically needed to go to sites like Reddit or Gamefaqs and request players join. It was difficult at best and offputting at worst. Some saw it as an obvious oversight, while others saw it as the only way to ensure solo players that wanted to try co-op wouldn’t be harassed or dropped into a game with someone that was following their own agenda and would make for a bad gameplay experience. As a result, according to Bungie, around 50-percent of players never tried the content that was designed to be played by a full fire team (specifically Raids, Strikes, and Trials).

To fix that, Destiny 2 will allow solo players to temporarily join clans in Guided Games. The clan simply sets up the game and opens it to the public, then anyone can join and fill the open spots. Matchmaking will ensure the players are all at roughly the same level, and it will potentially allow solo players a chance to play with a group of people that are willing and able to speak and coordinate with each other. Playing with people that are social and welcoming makes a huge difference in a game like Destiny, so baking that into the sequel’s DNA could prove to be a huge boon.

Anyone can create a clan in-game and invite others to join. There will probably be more to the clan system that has yet to be announced.

Destiny 2 Campaign

Destiny 2 Details: Everything you need and want to know

The story begins one year after the events of Destiny: Rise of Iron, when the Cabal attacks the last city. Led by the Red Legion faction’s Commander Ghaul, the Tower – your home sanctuary from Destiny – is destroyed and the Traveler is imprisoned under the control of Ghaul. Your ultimate goal is to take back the city and free the Traveler.

That not only kicks off the story, it robs the Guardians of their abilities (which were granted by the Traveler). Basically, it’s a handy way to reset everyone’s stats through storytelling.

The Guardians will need to start from scratch and earn new abilities in order to stop Ghaul. That will send you to new locations throughout the solar system and introduce you to new support characters, weapons, abilities, and more. The ultimate goal is to take back the city and defeat the Red Legion.

Nolan North will return to voice your AI companion, Ghost. Nathan Fillion, Lance Reddick, and Gina Torres will also reprise their roles as the heads of the three Vanguard classes.

There will be more story missions, cinematics, and NPCs than in Destiny, signifying more of an emphasis on the story than in the first game. The worlds will also be teeming with background info that delves more in the Golden Age of humanity and the histories of the various species.

Details on the Destiny 2 Multiplayer

Destiny 2 Details: Everything you need and want to know

The PvP Crucible has been completely rebuilt from the ground up, with the focus on smaller 4v4 matchups across every game mode. It’s not clear exactly which modes will make the jump from Destiny to Destiny 2, but there will be a few new ones – including the new “Countdown” game that has teams attacking or defending structures – and likely several others. You can expect all new maps as well.

The new matches will also feature some changes to the gameplay, specifically in how you can track enemies. The HUD will now include new features like the ability to see when an enemy has a super available, or if they have power ammo. Expect to hear more about the PvP in the months to come.

New Weapons and Armor

Destiny 2 Details: Everything you need and want to know

There will be a huge assortment of new weapons and armor, including all new exotics. Unfortunately, for those that are hoping to carry over the weapons you collected in Destiny, that won’t be possible. That means you’ll be starting from scratch.

Weapon slots have been redesigned as well and will no longer be classified as Primary, Secondary, and Heavy. Instead, players can now carry a Kinetic weapon, an Energy weapon, and a Power weapon. That may not sound like a huge change, but it could make a huge difference.

Power weapons include fusion weapons, grenade launchers, and sniper rifles, so they play a similar role to the Heavy weapons from Destiny. The Kinetic and Energy weapons, however, will be broken down by the type of projectile they fire. That means you will be able to carry two primary weapons, two secondary, or whatever combination you want as long as one is energy based and the other fires kinetic bullets.

New Character Moves

Destiny 2 Details: Everything you need and want to know

The three Vanguard classes – Hunter, Titan, and Warlock – will all return, although they will receive new super moves/subclasses. The Hunter will receive the “Arcstrider” power, allowing you to jet around an area, smacking enemies with lighting based melee attacks; Titan now features the “Sentinel” move, creating a shield that can deflect attacks and then be thrown at enemies; Warlock earns “Dawnblade,” which lets that class float high above the ground, raining down fiery blades on enemies.

There will probably be more subclasses and super moves as well, but we’ll have to wait and see.

Your Original Destiny characters

Destiny 2 Details: Everything you need and want to know

If you are one of the millions of people that played Destiny, you probably have some emotional attachment to your character (or characters), especially if you took the time to fully level them up through multiple DLCs and changes to the leveling system. It takes a lot of time and effort to max out a character, so it would make sense that you would be able to retain that, at least to a degree in Destiny 2.

In a good news/bad news scenario, your characters from Destiny will transfer to Destiny 2, but only their physical appearance and class. The levels will all be reset, weapons will not transfer, and you will start out on the bottom rung along with everyone else. To be eligible to transfer a character at all, they must be at level 20 and have completed the “Black Garden” story mission, the final mission in the original release (prior to the DLCs).

That shouldn’t come as too big a surprise. Destiny 2 is a new game and Bungie wants players to experience it from the ground up, and it also reflects the main storyline of the game (although which came first is debatable). Jumping in with a character that can dominate from the start wouldn’t be much fun for anyone.

Watch the full Destiny 2 reveal

You can watch the whole Destiny 2 Twitch reveal below. If you want to get right to the unveiling, jump to the 1-hour 10-minute mark. There are a few interviews during the countdown, but the actual presentation begins an hour and change in.



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