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Deadpool gives terrible dating advice

Ryan Reynolds and T.J. Miller step back into character as Deadpool and Weasel so we can watch as Deadpool gives terrible advice (NSFW)

Deadpool is really not cut out to give dating advice to people.

If you’ve seen the movie, you can probably guess that already, but the video below confirms that beyond a shadow of a doubt.

In the clip titled “Dear Deadpool: An Experience with Wade Wilson (and Weasel),” Ryan Reynolds and T.J. Miller reunite (in character) to answer a few questions from lovelorn fans. It doesn’t go well. It’s also not safe for work due to language.

The clip is done in a VHS style, giving it that mid-90s recorded off of a public access channel look. There’s no real reason for it beyond the fact that it’s funny.

The clip is another example of the amazing viral marketing that has helped Deadpool go from a “risky” film to a film that is already shaping the future of comic-based superhero films. On a $58 million budget, the R-rated film smashed all previous records for R-rated films on its way to nearly $500 million (and climbing).

Because of that, Fox has already confirmed that the next Wolverine solo film (which will be loosely based on the “Old Man Logan” storyline) will be R-rated. The long gestating Death Note adaptation’s producer also confirmed that the live-action adaption of the anime will also be R-rated.

Those announcements are not a coincidence, but rather a confirmation that there is a huge audience for R-rated films.

Check out the video then read on for more Deadpool-y goodness.

Last week, Reynolds snuck into a press junket for Hugh Jackman’s upcoming Eddie the Eagle. Reynolds proceeded to interview Wolverine, and even drops in a few good X-Men Origins: Wolverine burns.

It’s a good moment of viral advertising for both films, and it will probably make you hope for an onscreen reunion where Wolverine meets the real Deadpool, and not a stupid amalgamation of the “Merc with a Mouth” who for some baffling reason doesn’t have a mouth.

Anyway, check it out.



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