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Dead mother calls for help to rescue her infant

Dead mother calls for help

If you’ve missed the previous articles, we’ve been posting a bunch of paranormal videos in the lead up to Halloween.

So far, all the videos have had a spooky, ghostly angle to them, but not all paranormal events are bad ones. Every once in awhile there is one that leads to something that leads to good, and those are the ones that tend to earn the tag “miraculous.”

Most paranormal videos also tend to have a potentially fake aspect to them. They happen in abandoned buildings, or with a group of suspect people. Not this one though.

On March 7, 2015, a Utah woman, Jenny Groesbeck, was driving with her 18-month old daughter Lily. She lost control of the car and fell into the Spanish Fork River, flipping upside down in the process.

Groesbeck’s SUV stayed there for hours, with icy cold water running through the vehicle. 14 hours later rescuers appeared on the scene and rushed to save the mother and daughter. Throughout the rescue, the responders heard the voice of a woman calling out to save them.

The rescuers eventually got the car open, and thanks to the woman’s voice they knew that the woman wasn’t alone. Here’s where it gets weird. Really weird.

Jenny Groesbeck was dead. Not only was she dead, she had been dead for hours.

There is no possible way she could have called out to the responders, and yet everyone there heard an adult female voice. They even replied to it, and if you listen closely you can hear the voice on tape.

To make matters even a little bit weirder, shortly after the crash, Jenny’s father Chad woke up suddenly with a sense of foreboding. He tried tor reach his daughter without luck, and with nothing more than a feeling he drove from several miles to his daughter’s house. When he arrived and she wasn’t there, he knew something was wrong. He kept driving around until he saw police, and stopped to see what was happening. That’s when he saw his daughter’s SUV.

A lot of the videos we post, even the best of them, have the potential to be faked. You can often explain it away as a natural phenomenon, or a person trying to pull a hoax for whatever reason. In this instance though, that doesn’t apply.

The video below contains the bodycam footage of the responders. At a few different points, you can hear what sounds like a woman calling for help. It’s tough to hear, but even if you can’t, you can clearly make out the responders answering the voice. And it’s not like the rescue crew is going to make it up.

For the record, baby Lily survived. After spending some time in the hospital, she was released to her father. But if the voice hadn’t called to the rescuers, they may not have found the baby in time.

Check out the video below and listen for the woman’s voice saying “Somebody help us!” at the 1:59 mark.

Not all supernatural stuff is bad, but it is very weird.



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