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DC’s Legends of Tomorrow trailer gets right what the DC films are getting wrong

DC's Legends of Tomorrow trailer

Beware a spoiler from Arrow regarding a major character death that happened at the beginning of the third season. You’ve only had nine months or so, but don’t say we didn’t warn you.

CW has released its first look at its third superhero TV show, DC’s Legends of Tomorrow. And it proves that the people running DC’s TV shows are far more in tune with the fans than those running the movies.

Legends builds off the shared universe that Arrow and The Flash have begun to create. It stars several characters introduced in those shows, as well as a few others. Here’s a list:

The Atom. The character of the Atom, aka Ray Palmer (Brandon Routh), will be a major focus, according to previous rumors. In the trailer, he also shows off the character’s most well known power, miniaturization. That was hinted at in the Arrow season finale, but this confirms it.

Martin Stein/Firestorm. So far, only Victor Garber has been confirmed to appear in the show, which is odd, considering the trailer clearly shows Robbie Amell as Firestorm. There are rumors that Amell will play a bigger role in The Flash, so maybe Firestorm will appear in both shows.

Captain Cold. If you’ve seen the most recent episode of The Flash, this casting is especially odd given that Cold and the Flash seem to be working together.

Heatwave. The character of Heatwave was conspicuously absent from the recent Flash episode that reunited a handful of the Rogues Gallery, but he will be part of the team.

White Canary. One of the biggest questions regarding this show was how Caity Lotz would be involved, given that Lotz’s Black Canary was killed off in Arrow. Based on the trailer, it appears that she was resurrected in a Lazarus Pit. It will be interesting to how she is re-introduced, given how impactful her death was to this season of Arrow.

Hawgirl. One of the new characters from DC’s library of characters.

Rip Hunter. In an awesome twist of casting, Arthur Darvill (Doctor Who) will go from time travelling companion to time traveler.

There’s another character as well, although he wasn’t featured in the trailer. The character of Jay Jackson (played by Franz Drameh) hasn’t really been well defined, other than to an early description that he will have powers, and be new to the super hero world.

The team will be brought together by Rip Hunter, a time traveler from the future that unites the team to fight the immortal Vandal Savage. The Flash and Arrow will both appear as well, with Flash apparently having a much big part to play in the pilot than Arrow.

The trailer for DC’s Legends of Tomorrow comes on the heels of the CBS and DC project, Supergirl, which also looks good. They both feel like proper comic book TV show, free of all the grit and angst the DC movies seem to be moving towards. Superheroes are fun, just look at Marvel and its vault of money from its films to confirm that.

Legends has already been greenlit for series. It is set for 2016, which makes it likely to debut in January or so, probably with 13 episodes. That timing might give the show time to explain some of the bigger questions, including how the characters reach the point of joining the team, given where some of them left off in the season finales of Arrow and Flash (spoilers). It could also give the CW time to properly tease Vandal Savage, one of the most well known villains in DC Comics.

Check it out below.



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