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DC movies news and rumors: From Justice League to Sandman and more

DC movies news and rumors: From Justice League to Aquaman and more

Warner Bros. has some ambitious plans for its DC properties. But unlike its Marvel Studios rival, the DC movies news is always shifting and changing – and not always for the best.

The creation of the DC Extended Universe (DCEU) is well underway, with multiple films already having paved the way. Despite significant box office numbers, the films have generally been critically savaged though, with fans split on the results. Regardless, WB is pushing forward, with a roadmap for several films that are far enough along to include release dates, and several more films in the planning stages.

If WB and DC can’t find the sweet spot where fans leave the theaters excited and looking forward to the next DC film, plans will certainly change. For now, however, expect to see several DC movies over the next few years, with many of the most iconic characters from DC comics appearing in solo films, team movies, or possibly both.

And while the superhero films are the headliners that will all share the same universe, there are other films created based on comics created under DC’s Vertigo banner. New Line is in charge of those, although it has yet to release a film based on anything taken from that source material.

If you’re looking for new on the DC properties on TV, we have you covered. We also have a post on all the Marvel movies as well.

We will update this list frequently with new details, any significant changes, and all the DC movies news and rumors – including all the Vertigo stuff – we can find. Check back often and if you know of something we missed, please let us know in the comments.

Updated: August 31, 2017

DCEU Films Confirmed With Release Dates

Justice League

November 17, 2017

Director: Zack Snyder

DC movies news and rumors: From Justice League to Aquaman and more

Justice League will be the fifth DCEU movie, bringing together the characters of Aquaman, Batman, Cyborg, Flash, and Wonder Woman. The film hasn’t shown any shots of Superman yet, but there have been countless unofficial confirmations that he will appear – to start with, Henry Cavill is listed in most cast lists, and the earliest official artwork from WB and DC included him standing in costume along with the rest of the team.

The film was originally described as being part one of two. The second part is still in the works, although it no longer has a release date and the studio has made it clear that the two films aren’t necessarily sequels of each other. There will be a few DCEU films before a second Justice League film can be released, so there will likely be some major changes to the universe over the years.

Along with the superheroes already introduced in previous films, Justice League will feature many of the supporting characters seen in previous films, including Amy Adams as Lois Lane, Jeremy Irons as Alfred, and Diane Lane as Martha Kent. Several other well-known DC characters will appear for the first (but not last) time as well, including J.K. Simmons as Commissioner Gordon, Amber Heard as Mera, and Kiersey Clemons as Iris West.

Jesse Eisenberg will also return as Lex Luthor, although the primary villain will be Steppenwolf, played by Ciaran Hinds. Darkseid’s uncle will appear on Earth, tasked with hunting down three Mother Boxes at any cost.

Justice League News and Rumors

  • Although George Miller was originally going to direct a Justice League film prior to the writers’ strike in 2007 (which would have been titled Justice League Mortal), this project is not related to that one.
  • While the first and second Justice League films will be two distinct and separate movies, they will both be inspired by Jack Kirby’s New Gods comics.
  • After the poor reception of Batman v Superman: Dawn of Justice, control of the DCEU was handed over to Geoff Johns and Jon Berg. Snyder was still in charge of the film, but he had people to answer to now.
  • Principal filming has concluded, although WB and Snyder both expected and planned for extensive reshoots.
  • Junkie XL replaced Hans Zimmer in creating the soundtrack after Zimmer retired from the superhero business.
  • Willem Dafoe will play Nuidis Vulko in the film. In the comics, Vulko is Atlantis’ chief scientific adviser, suggesting he will return in the solo Aquaman film.
  • Joe Manganiello may appear in a cameo as Deathstroke.
  • The film is meant to be “much more fun” than Batman v Superman.
  • The first trailer for Justice League has arrived (below).
  • Hal Jordan/Green Lantern, may appear in a cameo.
  • An early screening of Justice League was called “unwatchable” by some anonymous sources.Whether or not that is fair, Snyder wasn’t pleased with the cut, which led to the hiring of Whedon.
  • Following the death of his daughter, Snyder decided to leave the film shortly before reshoots were expected to begin. He will still remain involved to a degree, but – with the blessing of the studio – he has elected to spend more time with his family.
  • Joss Whedon has been hired to handle the reshoots, of which there are said to be several (which was expected). Whedon will attempt to match Snyder’s tone and style.
  • Robin Wright will reprise her role from Wonder Woman as General Antiope, although it’s not clear in what context or how.
  • Whedon has been given a writing credit on the film, which means he contributed or changed at least 50-percent of the screenplay (according to WGA rules).
  • The soundtrack and earlier posters both feature the tag line “Unite the Seven,” seemingly confirm that there will be a seventh Justice League member appearing, at least in a cameo.
  • The film will pick up shortly after Batman v Superman. 
  • One of the major changes Whedon instituted during the reshoots was to reposition the character of Cyborg from tragic and dark character to slightly more light-hearted.
  •  With Shazam the next DCEU film, the character of Shazam may be the seventh League member.
  • The film was initially meant to end on something of a cliffhanger, but Whedon has reportedly nixed that.
  • The second (and possibly third) films will likely continue to deal with Darkseid and possibly the other New Gods.


December 21, 2018

Director: James Wan

DC movies news and rumors: From Justice League to Aquaman and more

Aquaman started out with a bit of controversy as the studio hired two writers – Will Beall and Kurt Johnstad – to each write a unique script. The studio saw it as a competition of sorts, with the best script winning.

After selecting Beall’s script, the studio went through a list of several possibilities for the director before turning to James Wan. The studio actually offered Wan the choice of Aquaman or The Flash, and he chose the former. Wan said he is hoping for a swashbuckling tone in the vein of Raiders of the Lost Ark and Romancing the Stone.

The story will begin with the character of Aquaman already established. It will build off of Justice League directly, with several of the characters – like Amber Heard’s Mera and Willem Defoe’s Nuidis Vulko – to be introduced first in Justice League. Jason Momoa’s Aquaman will also be fleshed out in the previous film, with his story continuing in his solo outing.

A synopsis hasn’t been released yet, but Black Manta will be the primary antagonist. Patrick Wilson has also been cast as Orm Marius/Ocean Master, Aquaman’s half-brother and constant foe. That could mean there will be two enemies for Aquaman to face, or they could be setting up a later movie. There will also be a threat from Aquaman’s Atlanteans, as they threaten war with the surface.

Aquaman News and Rumors

  • Momoa originally found out that he had the role in late 2012.
  • Wilson briefly worked on Batman v Superman. He lent his voice to the role of President of the United States. It was never meant to be anything more than a voice over for a director the actor has worked with before.
  • There is reportedly a chance that Black Adam (played by Dwayne Johnson) will appear in a cameo.
  • Yahya Abdul-Mateen II has been cast as Black Manta.
  • Temuera Morrison will appear as Aquaman’s father, Thomas Curry.
  • Aquaman has been delayed from October 5 to December 21, 2018.
  • Nicole Kidman will appear as Aquaman’s mother Atlanna, the queen of Atlantis.
  • Dolph Lundgren has been cast as Nereus, the king of another undersea kingdom, Xebel.
  • There are rumors that WB wants this film to be an underwater horror film that just happens to star a superhero. Because of that, Wan was WB’s first choice to direct.
  • The production budget is reportedly around $160 million.


April 5, 2019

Director: David F. Sandberg

DC movies news and rumors: From Justice League to Aquaman and more

For several years now, the only concrete details we’ve had about the Shazam movie are that Dwayne Johnson would star as Shazam’s arch-enemy, Black Adam. Now we don’t even have that.

The WB and DC have split Shazam into two films, the first with the titular character and the second a spinoff, a standalone film starring Johnson as Black Adam. That makes this film significantly riskier, and it also puts a huge amount of pressure on the casting process. Without Johnson, the still uncast lead will need to carry the film. He will also have to face off against an enemy that isn’t as well known as Black Adam.

The movie is also made a bit more complicated due to the nature of the character. Shazam is actually two people, or at least two bodies – a young boy named Billy Batson, and the older, muscular superhero Shazam. Batson changes into the powerful character when he utters the magic word “shazam” – it’s is still the same core person, but for the film, it will require two actors to play the same role.

Toby Emmrich is attached as a producer, with Darren Lemke set as the screenwriter. They have promised a lighter tone as compared to Batman v Superman. David F. Sandberg will direct, but Shazam remains the only confirmed DCEU film besides Green Lantern to not yet have anyone cast in the title role.

Shazam News and Rumors

  • Shazam is designed to be a standalone movie rather than a franchise. The characters will likely appear in other films and a sequel could happen if fans want it, but the plan is a single movie.
  • Black Adam won’t be in this film, but if there is a demand for a sequel the character may appear.
  • Dwayne Johnson has named Armie Hammer as his choice to play Shazam. Hammer is, unsurprisingly, interested in the role, but the studio has yet to weigh in.
  • The plan is to cast two separate actors to play the younger Billy Batson and Shazam.
  • Pre-production has begun.


April 3, 2020

Director: TBA

DC movies news and rumors: From Justice League to Aquaman and more

Although originally teased as one of the first planned DCEU films post-Justice League, the status of Cyborg seems to be up in the air. WB is taking a more cautious approach following the lukewarm receptions of Batman v Superman and Suicide Squad, and given that the character of Cyborg is the least well known of the Justice League characters, WB wants to see how he is received in Justice League first.

Whether or not Cyborg gets a solo movie, he has become an instrumental part of the DCEU. His brief introduction in Batman v Superman suggested that he is powered by a Mother Box, which would make him key to the plot of Justice League (see the section for that film above). Cyborg is also rumored to play a major role in The Flash, with that film helping to lay the groundwork for his solo offering. Given that The Flash is up in the air 9and has been pushed to after Cyborg), that probably change.

Beyond the fact that Ray Fisher will play the role and that Cyborg’s appearance is almost entirely CGI, there isn’t much to go on yet in terms of story for the solo film.

Cyborg News and Rumors

  • WB may elect to delay this movie until it makes a final decision on its future.
  • There have been (unsubstantiated) rumors of a Titans film (or Teen Titans), which would include Cyborg. The upcoming Titans TV show may change all of that.

Green Lantern Corps

July 24, 2020

Director: TBA

DC movies news and rumors: From Justice League to Aquaman and more

Following the critically mocked box office failure of Ryan Reynolds’ Green Lantern, WB and DC are looking to go in a completely different direction with the reboot of the Green Lantern property.

There are still a lot of questions, but the studio is rumored to have a fairly specific idea of what it wants from this property. That might be simply because it heard a pitch it liked, or it may be that WB wants to use the film as an opening to expand into a larger universe in much the same way that Guardians of the Galaxy did for Marvel.

A director has not yet been hired, but David Goyer and Justin Rhodes will write and produce. They haven’t revealed a story yet, but they did confirm that both Hal Jordan and John Stewart will be featured. Guy Gardner may also appear. It’s not confirmed when the Green Lanterns will first be introduced, but there’s a good chance it will be a cameo in another film – it may also be another Green Lantern introduced rather than one of the members from Earth.

Green Lantern News and Rumors

  • Green Lantern Kyle Rayner is not expected to appear.
  • The story is believed to be an adaptation of the “Sinestro Corps. War” storyline.
  • The Red Lanterns won’t appear, but they will be teased.
  • Tyrese Gibson has been rumored to be attached as John Stewart, but that is far from confirmed and may stem from Gibson himself.
  • The film may be an origin story, but it’s not clear for who (Jordan may be a rookie and Stewart established, vice versa, or they may both be rookies).
  • WB is eyeing six actors to be part of the film, presumably as Hal Jordan (although that’s not confirmed). More names may be added, but at last report, the studio is considering: Tom Cruise, Bradley Cooper, Jake Gyllenhaal, Armie Hammer, Joel McHale, and Ryan Reynolds.
  • The Reynolds pick seems like an extreme longshot, but if it happens it doesn’t mean the previous film will be canon.
  • Hammer has confirmed that the rumors of his involvement are just that – rumors. According to Hammer, he has never been contacted about playing Green Lantern.
  • Several people have claimed that there will be a Green Lantern in Justice League, although it won’t be one of the Earth-based Lanterns.

Confirmed DCEU Films Without Release Dates

The Batman

Release Date: TBA

Director: Matt Reeves

DC movies news and rumors: From Justice League to Aquaman and more

While not originally on the first slate of DC films announced by WB, a Batman solo film was announced shortly after Batman v Superman was released. While that film didn’t win over many audiences, one of the few things that was mostly praised was Ben Affleck’s performance as Bruce Wayne/Batman.

The film is still in the early stages, but it is moving ahead under the power of Affleck, who is currently attached as co-writer (along with Geoff Johns) and producer. Affleck was originally attached to direct, but he later backed out of that role. Although the film’s story hasn’t been revealed yet, it will fill in some of the gaps hinted at in Batman v Superman, including the identity of the Robin that died.

There have been rumors that the film is in trouble. Writer Bret Easton Ellis referenced a meeting with execs from WB who claimed the script was a mess but WB didn’t care because it would do well internationally no matter what. The story made headlines, but Ellis soon apologized and clarified that he was taken hugely out of context and he had no special insight into the project.

Affleck has since confirmed that the script is ready and everyone – from Affleck himself to the studio – are happy with it. Shortly after, however, the studio decided to start the script over from scratch.

The Batman News and Rumors

  • The name The Batman was a working title, but it has since been confirmed.
  • Joe Manganiello was expected to appear as Deathstroke but that is up in the air.
  • Affleck claimed one major change he wants to make is to the suit, which is difficult to move in and get in and out of.
  • Justice League Part II was initially pushed back to make way for this film, but it may be shuffled around again.
  • There may be several villains.
  • Will Smith may appear in a cameo, or even a larger role as Deadshot.
  • Selina Kyle/Catwoman may appear as one of the primary antagonists.
  • Barbara Gordon will appear, but it’s not clear in what capacity.
  • Jared Leto wants to appear as the Joker.
  • An early rumor claimed that the film will be based on the comic storylines “Arkham Asylum,” “Under the Hood,” and A Death in the Family.”
  • If the story uses “Under the Hood,” that suggests that the murdered Robin referenced in Batman v Superman may be Jason Todd, and Todd may somehow return as the Red Hood.
  • There may be other Robins, including Tim Drake and Dick Grayson as Nightwing.
  • Los Angeles will double as Gotham City.
  • Affleck is no longer attached to direct. He will still produce and star, and cited the demands of the job and the schedule as a reason.
  • After a contentious negotiation, Matt Reeves has been hired as the director
  • The studio is aiming for a 2018 release.
  • Soon after Reeves was hired, the filmmakers elected to scrap the recently completed script in favor of rewriting it from scratch.
  • The new rewrite may mean Mangalliano won’t appear as Deathstroke.
  • Affleck is rumored to be tired of playing the character and wants out, but he is contractually obligated to appear in three films – The Batman would be the third.
  • Reeves stated that he wants the film to be “Hitchcockian.”
  • There was some confusion over whether or not the film will be in the DCEU. Reeves later clarified that the film will connect to the DCEU, but it won’t be designed as a mini-Justice League or another Batman v Superman. 
  • There is still talk of Affleck leaving the film, but so far they are just rumors.
  • DC has circled October 5, 2018 for a release, but it’s not clear what film it is hoping to slot into it, or if The Batman will be ready in time.

Flashpoint (formerly known as The Flash)

Release Date: TBA

Director: TBA

DC movies news and rumors: From Justice League to Aquaman and more

Of all the films on this list, The Flash is arguably the most concerning. It has lost two directors already, and a third has yet to be hired.

The studio initially turned to Phil Lord and Chris Miller to write the story treatment, but the duo was never considered to direct. WB then hired Seth Grahame-Smith to helm the film, but he soon dropped out due to creative differences. WB next turned to Rick Famuyiwa as director. In October 2016, he too left over creative differences. A replacement has yet to be named, but despite that, we do know a few things about the film.

Ezra Miller will star as Barry Allen. And while there won’t be a traditional origin story, Miller’s Flash will still be an amateur speedster. Kiersey Clemons has been cast as Iris West, and Billy Crudup will play Henry Allen, Barry’s father. The tone will also be lighter than the previous DCEU films, and Cyborg will appear – although it’s not clear exactly how big a role he will have.

Beyond that, WB announced that – despite there still not being a director attached – the film will be titled Flashpoint. That seems to confirm that the movie will adapt at least some of the “Flashpoint” storyline from the comics, which happened as a result of the Flash traveling backin time to save his mother from the Reverse-Flash (the third season of the CW’s The Flash also loosely adapted this storyline). In the comics, this led to several major changes to the timeline, including the introduction of Thomas Wayne as a more brutal and deadly Batman. The series then led to the relaunch of the entire DC Comics line.

Again though, the story has not been announced, and a new director may make significant changes as well.

Flashpoint News and Rumors

  • Cyborg’s role in the film was initially said to be significant, but that is rumored to have changed.
  • WB hired Joby Harold to do a complete rewrite on the script.
  • Reverse Flash may be the main villain.
  • The film’s release date has slid from 2018 to 2019, and it may slip further to 2020.
  • Robert Zemeckis took a meeting about directing The Flash, but it didn’t seem to go anywhere. He is still a possibility, however.
  • Sam Raimi was offered the job, but he turned it down.
  • Matthew Vaughn has been mentioned as a possible director.
  • Following their departure from the Han Solo film, WB reportedly met with Lord and Miller about directing.
  • WB is hoping to have this film in theaters in 2020.

Gotham City Sirens

Release Date: TBA

Director: David Ayer

DC movies news and rumors: From Justice League to Aquaman and more

In a film that will basically be a spinoff of Suicide Squad, the characters Harley Quinn, Catwoman, and Poison Ivy are set to appear in their own standalone film. As the name suggests, it will be set in Gotham City, which means that it will be deeply soaked in the lore of Batman as well.

The film began as a solo project for Margot Robbie following her breakout performance in Suicide Squad. Rather than just return for the sequel (which she still may), the studio decided to focus on her and use her popularity as a means to expand the DCEU and introduce new characters. Robbie will be joined in the spinoff by Suicide Squad director David Ayer.

Ayer has repeatedly stated that he wants to make an R-rated DCEU film. He tried with Suicide Squad and claimed that he would return for the sequel if it were rated R. WB doesn’t seem to be interested in going that route, however, and it’s unlikely that Gotham City Siren will be any different.

Casting has yet to begin for the actresses that will star alongside Robbie, but there may be an issue with the timing. If Catwoman is set to appear in this film and The Batman, the actress will need to sign for multiple films, possibly film back-to-back, and WB will need to decide which film goes first in order to synch the stories.

Gotham City Sirens News and Rumors

  • Batman may appear in a small capacity.
  • Will Smith wants to make an appearance as Deadshot.
  • DC seems to be pushing this film forward quickly, which would likely put it ahead of The Batman.
  • Megan Fox was said to be in consideration for the role of Poison Ivy, but Jessica Chastain is said to be the frontrunner.
  • Ayer teased the possibility of Black Mask as the villain.
  • Jared Leto is expected to appear as the Joker, although it’s not clear how large a part he’ll play.
  • The announcement of a film starring the Joker and Harley Quinn has left many to speculate that Gotham City Sirens  will be canceled. At the moment, both films are still in development, but it’s not clear how the recent addition will affect the schedule.

Justice League Part II

Release Date: TBA

Director: TBA

DC movies news and rumors: From Justice League to Aquaman and more

This film was originally part of DC’s slate of upcoming films and it even had a release date of June 14, 2019. WB later pushed it off the schedule, claiming that it needed to make room for The Batman but there is another, more realistic reason for the delay – WB needs to make sure the first film is a hit.

Given the lucrative potential of a team up movie featuring DC’s most iconic characters, it seems like a given that this film will be released at some point – the only question is in what form. The first part promises a much lighter tone than its precursor, Batman v Superman, but both films are the product of director Zack Snyder. If he can’t sell the Justice League film, it could permanently damage the entire DCEU brand. The second Justice League film will be a reaction to the first, from tone to lineup to plot.

A story hasn’t been revealed yet, but it appears that WB is looking at the Justice League films as a way to introduce the New Gods. With Steppenwolf appearing as the villain in the first film, the second may see more of Apokolips.

One thing that is confirmed is that Zack Snyder will not return. He may still be attached as a producer based on his contract, but he will not direct and he will likely have a very minimal role. He reportedly opted out of his contract in order to direct a smaller project, but there is also talk that he was encouraged to leave.

Justice League Part II News and Rumors

  • Darkseid may be saved for a third Justice League film. WB wants to grow the New Gods property, so it may be a while before we see the DC all-stars go directly against him.
  • Green Lantern will likely be part of the team in the second film.


Release Date: TBA

Director: Chris McKay

DC movies news and rumors: From Justice League to Aquaman and more

This is still in the very early stages, but Warner Bros. is planning a live-action solo film for Batman’s former protege, Nightwing, with The Lego Batman director Chris McKay set to direct. The Accountant’s Bill Dubuque has been hired to write the script.

There is no time frame for this film yet, and it’s not clear how the character will be portrayed. In the comics, Dick Grayson has been a vigilante with a chip on his shoulder, a leader of other heroes, a spy, and more. Given that he is so closely tied to Batman, that suggests that we may see the character in a DC film long before the solo movie comes along.

This news also seems to confirm that the Robin that presumably dies at the hands of the Joker (as seen in Batman v Superman) was not Grayson. That’s not a big surprise, but it does answer that question.

Nightwing News and Rumors

  • Given the timing of the decision to make a Nightwing movie, with The Batman script only recently completed and a director hired, there is a very good chance we will see the character in Batman’s movie.
  • If Nightwing in is The Batman, casting should begin in the next few months.
  • There have been rumors of a Titans (or Teen Titans) movie at some point. That could still happen, but it seems like it would be complicated by the upcoming TV show.

Suicide Squad 2

Release Date: TBA

Director: TBA

DC movies news and rumors: From Justice League to Aquaman and more

Following the box office success of Suicide Squad, WB quickly announced that a sequel was on the way – although it may be several years out and it could be fundamentally different from the first on several levels.

To begin with, the film will likely have a different cast – or at least a somewhat different cast. WB is currently developing a solo Deadshot film, and Margot Robbie is set to appear in the female supervillain team up movie, Gotham City Sirens. Both characters could still appear in the Suicide Squad sequel, but it seems unlikely, and if they did it may be little more than a cameo – unless the studio caters the production to their schedules (which it might).

The film also seems to have lost its director, David Ayer, to Robbie’s Gotham City Sirens, which seems to be on the fast track. Alternatively, Robbie may star and Ayer may direct in Suicide Squad 2, but it would come after her other film, pushing the sequel several years down the road – or Suicide Squad 2 may push Gotham City Sirens further down, but that film seems to be moving quickly.

No casting news has been released yet, but Jai Courtney and Karen Fukuhara have both expressed interest in returning, and both would like to see their characters of Captain Boomerang and Katana further fleshed out.

Suicide Squad 2 News and Rumors

  • Gotham City Sirens may act as a direct lead in for Suicide Squad 2 – or vice versa.
  • Ayer has said on many occasions that he would like the sequel to be R-rated.
  • Deathstroke was Ayer’s first choice to be the antagonist of the sequel, but the character will also appear in Justice League and may be the primary villain in The Batman
  • Ayer is currently writing the script. There were rumors of a late-spring 2017 start to shooting, but that seems unlikely with the spinoff movies WB wants to develop.
  • There will be less CGI and a slightly lower budget for the sequel.
  • Joel Kinnaman said that he is planning on returning for the sequel.
  • Shooting is now expected to begin in 2018.
  • Mel Gibson, Guy Ritchie, and Jaume Collett-Sarra have all been mentioned as possible directors.
  • Even if there is a place for Cara Delevinge in the sequel, the actress may not want to return. Following the release of the film, she took to Twitter to express her anger at the studio digitally making the already skinny actress even skinnier.
  • Margot Robie is not expected to return.
  • The character of Killer Frost may take Harley Quinn’s place on the team.
  • Adam Cozad has been hired to write the script, taking over for Ayer who is busy with Gotham City Sirens. 
  • Scarecrow was initially scheduled to appear in the film but was cut long before the final draft of the script. He may appear in the sequel, either as a team member or a villain.
  • Jared Leto is expected to return as the Joker.

Untitled Batgirl Film

Release Date: TBA

Director: Joss Whedon

DC movies news and rumors: From Justice League to Aquaman and more

Although the character of Batgirl has yet to be introduced – or even really hinted at – in the DCEU, the character has been considered for a possible solo film for a while now. It was never a high priority compared to some of the other properties, but it was always on tentatively on the schedule.

While WB was busy wooing Joss Whedon over to the DCEU, he reportedly saw a roadmap of some of the rough plans of the burgeoning universe. According to Geoff Johns, Whedon saw that a Batgirl film was possible, and he quickly jumped on it, claiming “that’s my jam.” From there, the studio was more than happy to let Whedon run with the project, allowing him a huge amount of control, including writing, directing, and producing.

Details on the plot are nonexistent at this point, but Whedon will likely need to finalize a story and have it approved by the DCEU brain trust. DCEU could then decided how to introduce the character, whether through her own film or in another.

No word on when the film will premiere, but WB is said to want to fast track this production in order to have it in theaters in 2018 or 2019 at the latest. Whedon is currently busy with reshoots of Justice League, but he will presumably start work on this shortly after.

Batgirl Film News and Rumors

  • Assuming the Batgirl in the film is Barbara Gordon, she may be at least mentioned in Justice League, given the film’s inclusion of James Gordon.
  • It would make sense for J.K. Simmons to appear as Commissioner Gordon.
  • Priyanka Chopra stated that she would love to play Batgirl.  That in itself isn’t news, but it did take off on Twitter.

Untitled Black Adam Film 

Release Date: TBA

Director: TBA

DC movies news and rumors: From Justice League to Aquaman and more

For years now, Dwayne Johnson has teased that he is signed on to appear as Black Adam, the arch-enemy of Shazam. In the comics, the character was originally a straight-forward villain, but over the years he has grown more nuanced. Some stories depict him as a tyrannical conqueror, while others show him as an antihero.

Johnson would have appeared in Shazam, then potentially return for other DC films, possibly even a later Justice League film. The studio apparently really likes Johnson and his take on the character, however, so they have elected to give the star his own film.

WB and DC are planning on splitting the Shazam property into two films. The character of Black Adam will no longer appear in Shazam, but there is a good chance he could appear in any sequels the movie might spawn. Instead, Black Adam might be introduced first in other DC films, including Aquaman. It’s unclear when this film would happen, although it would probably come after Shazam.

Black Adam News and Rumors

  • Johnson is committed to other projects through 2018. Barring smaller roles and cameos, that would suggest Black Adam wouldn’t be in theaters until 2020 at the earliest.
  • Johnson met with the studio and promised a “tonal shift” for the DC films.
  • Johnson and Henry Cavill recently posted images of them hanging out together. They also seemed to tease a connection between the characters, but that might be a stretch.
  • There are rumors that Black Adam will be the primary villain of the Man of Steel sequel.

Untitled Deadshot Film

Release Date: TBA

Director: TBA

DC movies news and rumors: From Justice League to Aquaman and more

Not much is known about this film yet. Will Smith is set to reprise his role as Floyd Lawton, aka Deadshot, and Suicide Squad director David Ayer is attached as a producer.

Smith has not officially stated that he will return, but he did claim that he enjoyed playing the character and would like to see him further developed. Given that he, like Harley Quinn, is deeply connected to Batman (and now Quinn herself), the story for the solo film would likely be heavily influenced by the stories in the films still to come.

Deadshot News and Rumors

  • If this film doesn’t work out, Smith may take a larger role in other DCEU films, including the Batman solo movie.
  • Even if this film happens, Smith may also appear in Suicide Squad 2.

Untitled Joker Origin Film

DC movies news and rumors: From Justice League to Aquaman and more

Release Date: TBA

Director: Todd Philips


In a move that is probably going to annoy as many fans as it entices, WB is reportedly planning a second tier of DC films, featuring DC characters in standalone films that aren’t connected to the DCEU. Where things get really confusing is that the characters in these one-shots may already be in the DCEU, but the films may star new actors to play the characters.

The idea is that filmmakers can look at the stories and create a movie that isn’t beholden to the increasingly complicated shared story lines. Whether or not that resonates with fans remains to be seen, but the first film under this new banner has a lot of power behind it with Martin Scorses attached as a producer.

The story is rumored to be set in Gotham City during the 80s, and it will take inspiration from some of Scorses’s early, gritty films like Raging Bull and Taxi Driver. It is also said to depict the younger Joker (pre-transformation) as a victim of intense bullying. beyond that, not much is known.

Jared Leto will not reprise his role as the Joker for this film. Instead, the filmmakers are looking for someone separate from the DCEU to take the role.

Joker Origin Movie News and Rumors

  • A release date has not been suggested, but 2019 is a possibility.
  • The film will reportedly be very dark.
  • While this film is meant to be separate from the DCEU, there is a chance that WB is trying to set up a multiverse that could connect at some point in the future.

Untitled Joker & Harley Quinn Film

Release Date: TBA

Director: Glenn Ficarra and John Requa

DC movies news and rumors: From Justice League to Aquaman and more

While Jared Leto was said to be disappointed, even angry at the way the Joker was used in Suicide Squad, WB seems to be making it up to him in spades. Along with potentially appearing in Suicide Squad 2  and Gotham City Sirens, WB has confirmed development on a movie with Leto, this one focused on the Joker and Harley Quinn (to be played by Margot Robbie).

Glenn Ficarra and John Requa are expected to write and direct the film, which is being described as a “criminal love story.” No release date has been hinted at, but given how busy Robbie and Leto both are, it will likely require some flexible scheduling. It also raises the question of when this film may appear given how crowded the DC film docket is already looking.

Beyond that, not much is known regarding the film.

Joker and Harley Quinn Movie News and Rumors

  • WB wants this film to move forward quickly, but to begin production on it after Suicide Squad 2.
  • There are rumors that this film will mean Gotham City Sirens is going to be scrapped, but at the moment both are moving ahead.

Untitled Justice League Dark Film

Release Date: TBA

Director: TBA

DC movies news and rumors: From Justice League to Aquaman and more

The idea for Justice League Dark, came from the mind of Guillermo del Toro. The director was attracted to the idea of creating a DC-based movie using elements of magic and mysticism, so he worked on a script and submitted it to WB. The only problem was that WB hadn’t asked for a Justice League Dark pitch. Del Toro did it on his own.

Given the massive scheduling issues involved with creating any shared universe, throwing an unsolicited script at a studio can be risky and yet WB liked del Toro’s idea. After accepting his pitch, WB and the director went on to confirm that the film will be part of the DCEU, and it will likely introduce the characters of Alec Holland/Swamp Thing, John Constantine, Jim Corrigan/The Spectre, Boston Brand/Deadman, and Zatanna. That line up could always change, but that is the initial plan.

Although the idea was from the start del Toro’s, the director announced in June 2015 that he was leaving the project. Despite his departure, WB liked the idea enough to continue development. In August 2016 it offered the directorial gig to Doug Limon, who left another superhero project for Marvel – 20th Century Fox’s X-Men spinoff Gambit – in favor of this movie. Limon has since also left due to scheduling issues.

There’s no word on when this film might fit into the schedule, but the foundation for it was set with Suicide Squad. That film introduced many of the concepts of magic that will dominate Justice League Dark, so now it is a matter of fine tuning the script, casting the movie, and then fitting it into the upcoming slate of movies.

Justice League Dark Movie News and Rumors

  • Del Toro was initially in favor of hiring Constantine’s Matt Ryan to reprise the role on film. The studio may want a bigger name.
  • DC developed a Justice League Dark animated film and may use it to gauge the interests of fans for a live-action movie.
  • The film was originally being developed under the title “Dark Universe,” but it has since dropped that title, possibly because the studio wants the name “Justice League” in the title and possibly because Universal is using the name for its monster movie reboots.
  • WB is said to be looking to move this film up on the schedule, and it may be released after Justice League.
  • Late 2018 or early 2019 is a possibility for the film’s release.
  • Andy Muschietti was rumored to be a frontrunner for the director’s job, but the incredibly strong early buzz from his work on the Stephen King adaptation of It likely means that Muschietti will be locked down on the sequel for months – if not years – to come.
  • Gerard Johnstone has been hired to polish the script.

Untitled Man of Steel Sequel

Release Date: TBA

Director: TBA

DC movies news and rumors: From Justice League to Aquaman and more

If you need more proof that Superman is going to return to the DCEU, look no further than WB’s announcement that a sequel to Man of Steel is on the way. Justice League will no doubt play a major part on shaping this film, although there is no time frame yet for a release. Plus, if things go badly for WB and DC, until the project is in production and filming, things could change.

The film is still in the very early stages. There’s not much to go on in terms of plot, but there is news behind the lens. The screenplay is currently being written, and the studio sees this film as a priority for it. Henry Cavill will have increased responsibilities as a producer, and Zack Snyder will not direct (although he may be involved as a producer).

Man of Steel Sequel News and Rumors

  • A director hasn’t been named, but several names have been mentioned, including J.A. Bayona.
  • Matthew Vaughn was briefly linked to the film, but that no longer seems to be the case.
  • There was a rumor that Supergirl would appear and Brainiac will be the primary villain, but that rumor has since been refuted.
  • Black Adam (Dwayne Johnson) may appear).

Untitled Wonder Woman Sequel 

Release Date: TBA

Director: Patty Jenkins

DC movies news and rumors: From Justice League to Aquaman and more

Following the critical and financial success of Wonder Woman, WB was quick to announce a sequel. Director Patty Jenkins and DCEU boss Geoff Johns are currently working on the story and apparently have a “cool story” already, although no release date or window has been confirmed.

The film will reportedly be set in the past once again, after the events of the first film, but it’s not clear when it will be set. WB Pictures President Toby Emmerich said the film will take place at some point between 1917 and 2017, which doesn’t really say much. Jenkins has said she would like to set it in the U.S., but that could always change.

Gal Gadot originally signed a three picture deal with WB, which is complete with Justice League. The actress has since signed an extension for an undisclosed number of films. Although she is currently writing the script, WB has yet to confirm that Jenkins will direct. That probably just means a deal has not yet been finalized.

Beyond that, no details are known, but Johns did discuss why he thought the first film worked. According to him (and many others),  the film worked due to its hope and optimism, so expect that tone to remain.

Untitled Wonder Woman Sequel News and Rumors

  • We will see more of Diana’s life as Diana Prince.
  • Given the success of the first film, WB will likely try to fast track the sequel.

Unconfirmed and Rumored DC movies

Booster Gold

DC movies news and rumors: From Justice League to Aquaman and more

WB has been talking about a Booster Gold movie for a while now, but it’s unclear when it might be developed and when it would fit in the schedule. It is potentially set up as a comedy, and may co-star Blue Beetle in a nod to the duo’s roles in the 80s and 90s as comic relief with the greedy, but well-meaning heroes saving the day as much by accident as design.

The film is currently being developed by Greg Berlanti, the man behind the CW DC shows. He has confirmed that a Booster Gold film will not be part of the DCEU. The film is actually an extension of a proposed Booster Gold TV show that never made it out of development.


DC movies news and rumors: From Justice League to Aquaman and more

A live-action version of Lobo was first announced back in September 2009 with Guy Ritchie attached to direct, but things have obviously changed. In the years since that proposal, the DCEU has taken over all proposed DC-based superhero projects and Ritchie has gone onto other things. Still, the property won’t go away. At one point, Dwayne Johnson was even attached to play the titular character, but he dropped out and instead signed on as Black Adam.

While WB hasn’t officially announced anything about a Lobo film, in March 2016 the studio did hire screenwriter Jason Fuchs to turn in a draft. Fuchs said his take would be based on the original comics rather than the New 52 run, but there hasn’t been much movement since.

New Gods

DC movies news and rumors: From Justice League to Aquaman and more

WB is hot on the New Gods property right now. It was teased in Batman v Superman and it will play a major role in Justice League. Eventually the DCEU will build up to a confrontation between Earth’s heroes and Darkseid, but there is more to develop before we reach that point.

If this film does come to fruition, it would likely have an impact on the scheduling of all the DCEU films. The Justice League sequel would either skip the New Gods elements, or offer a threat that is below Darkseid. The New Gods movie would then drop to build the stakes for a third Justice League film with Darkseid and Apokolips invading Earth. Before any of that happens, WB and DC need to find a successful tone with their films.

General DCEU news and rumors

  • Warner Bros. wants Sam Raimi to direct a DCEU film.
  • Many of the scripts that were initially considered and then rejected for DCEU live-action films may get a second life as animated films.
  • There was talk of a “Legion of Superheroes” film, but WB deemed it “too early.” It may come back later.
  • George Miller is still interested in a DCEU film, possibly a Jack Kirby property.
  • The character of the Question was considered for inclusion in the DCEU film universe, but the studio is hoping to pitch it as a gritty HBO series, or have him/her appear in one of the CW shows.
  • WB eventually wants to make TV shows connected to the film universe, which will be geared for a premium cable-type audience.
  • Zack Snyder’s role with the DCEU will continue to diminish. After Justice League, he may have little to no involvement.
  • There is an HBO adaptation of Watchmen in the works, but it will not be connected to Snyder’s film.

Vertigo films

While Warner Bros. is focusing its attention on developing DC’s superhero characters into live-action films, there are other movies in the work published under the DC umbrella that are spandex-free.

While it isn’t what it used to be, one of DC’s most important and influential imprints is the Vertigo line. Founded in 1993 as a way for comic artists to write for a more mature crowd, it became a laboratory for new ideas in comics. In 2010, Vertigo became a creator-owned imprint, which means many of the original Vertigo characters are now in the DC proper universe and may be part of the DCEU (Dark Universe being a prime example). There are a few that don’t fit in that superhero world, however, but they may still find their way to the big screen. If so, they will not be connected to the DCEU.

WB recently announced that it would shift all Vertigo titles to New Line Cinemas. Many of the properties that were originally scheduled for development as films have since become TV developments (Constantine, Preacher, Lucifer, etc.), but there are a few still in the works for the big screen. None are very far along, but we will update as more news is released.

100 Bullets

DC movies news and rumors: From Justice League to Aquaman and more

This one has been in development for a while now, but it has a chance of seeing the big screen thanks to Tom Hardy.

For years, David Goyer fought to bring the anthology series about a mysterious agency that offered victims a chance at untraceable revenge to TV as an ongoing series, but it never worked out. When New Line took over all the Vertigo developments, this property attracted Hardy, who signed on as a producer with the option to star. Chris Borrelli was hired to write the script, but there hasn’t been a lot of movement since.

Some of that may just be down to Hardy’s schedule though. Hardy has been booked solid for years now. He was forced to drop out of Suicide Squad due to reshoots for The Revenant, and his schedule won’t ease up any time soon with Christopher Nolan’s Dunkirk and a Mad Max sequel on the way.


DC movies news and rumors: From Justice League to Aquaman and more

Fables has been bouncing around for a few years now in various forms. Initially, Bill Willingham’s story of fables of old hiding in the real world following a disastrous war was set to be a TV series on ABC, but it didn’t work out. Coincidentally, (if you believe those involved) shortly after ABC passed on Fables, it commissioned the show Once Upon a Time about fables of old hiding in the real world. All sides have said there is no connection between the two, but fans of the comics have had a difficult time buying that.

The property is currently in development for a big screen adaptaion with David Heyman and Jeffrey Clifford producing a script from Jeremy Slater and Jane Goldman. Danish filmmaker Nikolaj Arcel is set to direct after the release of his next film, the Stephen King adaptation, The Dark Tower.

Even with the work underway, there is still talk of a Fables TV show. At least there’s movement.

Federal Bureau of Physics

DC movies news and rumors: From Justice League to Aquaman and more

One of the newest publications on this list, the 2013 comic about a world where abnormalities in the laws of physics are as common as bad weather, quickly attracted the attention of WB (and by extension New Line Cinema).

This project is still in the very early stages. Justin Marks is currently writing the script, with David Goyer and Nellie Reed attached to produce. Beyond that, there isn’t much to go on yet.

The Kitchen

DC movies news and rumors: From Justice League to Aquaman and more

While not as well-known as many of Vertigo’s other comics, Ollie Masters and Ming Doyle’s crime drama set in 1970s New York City quickly attracted New Line Cinema. Set in Hell’s Kitchen, the story follows the wives of mobsters recently locked up, as they step in to take over the businesses for their husbands.

Sam Brown and Michael Disco are attached to direct, with Academy Award-nominee Andrea Berloff set to write the script. The property was optioned in June 2016, so there should be some movement on this one in the near future.


DC movies news and rumors: From Justice League to Aquaman and more

There could one day be a movie dedicated solely to countless attempts over the years – even decades – to adapt Neil Gaiman’s seminal comic Sandman (or The Sandman) into a live-action TV show or film. There have been several attempts in several mediums from several people. They have all failed.

The current attempt seemed to have some potential thanks to a renewed effort from then-DC president Diane Nelson and the star power of Joseph Gordon-Levitt, who at one point was attached to produce, direct, and possibly star. Nelson announced that she saw Sandman as another Harry Potter – not in terms of theme or tone, just in that there was a rich universe to develop over several films.

After several drafts of the script from multiple writers, Gordon-Levitt announced that he was dropping out of the project, citing disagreements with the studio. The last screenwriter attached, Eric Heisserer, turned in a script in November 2016, but then also left the project, claiming that it should be developed as a TV show instead on a network like HBO.

Did we miss any pieces of DC movies news or rumors?

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