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DBPP Episode Seven: What will kill humanity first?

DBPP Episode Seven

Welcome back to Dead Beats Panel Panel! Last episode we claimed that we would be more consistent with our schedule. That was a lie. In fact, that was a lesson. Trust no one! You’re welcome, no charge for the learnin’.

We’re back with all three hosts and a slightly different format. In the past we’ve selected a few different stories that made it onto the pages of Dead Beats Panel, and then discussed them. It usually devolves into a shitshow about half way through, but the format has remained. We’re going to try something a little different though.

Beginning with DBPP Episode Seven, we are going to select one topic/theme that was raised in one or more of the stories recently featured on the site. The weekly topics will vary – sometimes wildly – but there will be a uniting theme to each conversation.

This week we kick it off with the simple question: What will kill humanity first? Will it be our own foolishness, ala Idiocracy? Will we destroy each other through more powerful (and, yes, cooler) weapons? Will Bruce Willis and Ben Affleck fail to destroy an Earth-smacking comet? Will A.I. get sick of our shit?

As usual, the conversation begins with some deep and insightful thoughts, then devolves into a series of dick and fart jokes, but, ya know, classy.

Check it out below!



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