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DBPP Episode 8: Comic-Con 2015 recap! And pugs!

DBPP Episode 8

Welcome to DBPP Episode 8! In this episode, we discuss Comic-Con 2015! And dogs! And childcare. No one is really sure how we got to that, but it seemed natural at the time.

This week, we were joined once again by the inestimable Kiala Kazebee, writer, mother-to-be, co-host of Vaginal Fantasy, and attractor of pugs.

In fitting with our new format of sticking to one topic (or more accurately, trying and failing), this week the hosts and guest discuss the various properties at Comic-Con that caught out eye, and talked about whether they made us more excited for them or less.

For the most part, the studios did a good job of promoting their projects, but opinions tend to vary. Some of us were more into Batman v Superman: Dawn of Justice than others, while some of us loved the Suicide Squad and others didn’t.

And at one point Ryan ejected Jesse from the show as a joke, then couldn’t figure out how to get him back. Hilarity ensued.

Check it out below, and enjoy!



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