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Check out the first ever, trainwreck of an episode of DBPP, our live chat show!

Check out the first ever, trainwreck of an episode of DBPP, our live chat show!

DBPP Episode 1: Joker Trek. The inaugural episode of Dead Beats Panel Panel, or DBPP was a glorious trainwreck. Check it out, preferably through audio only.

(There’s an issue getting the video to play on our mobile site. We’re working on it, but in the meantime you can follow this link to go directly to the YouTube page.) 

This weekend, we recorded the first ever episode of Dead Beats Panel Panel, or DBPP as it will be known henceforth.

Things did not go exactly as planned.

The idea was simple enough, get three chatty, opinionated people together to talk about the news covered on the site that week. We kept it low key, using Google Hangouts with average webcams and headphones – a format that generally works. Except when it doesn’t.

For some reason, the camera didn’t automatically change between people as it should. As a result you are stuck with my horrible face for the majority of the program. Sorry.

If you can get past that, it was a really good show, with interesting topics covered ranging from the new look of the Joker, to the Galaxy Quest TV show to rumors about the direction of the new Star Trek films.

If you have any suggestions on how to make the show better, please let us know! (We already fixed the camera issue in the next episode.)

Following this episode, each new show will consist of myself (Ryan Fleming), Jesse Graff, and Trevor Anderson. We will also bring in a guest or two – we have a few cool surprises lined up on that front, more on that soon. This episode is all about introducing the hosts though.

Besides being a genuinely good human being (unlike Trevor, who is a monster), Jesse is an actor, sports fiend, and overall well informed guy. He also has Leonard Nimoy’s signature tattooed on his arm, so he knows his stuff, and he has a fantastic beard that he promises to keep growing as long as the Trailblazers remain in the playoffs.

Trevor works in tech and is a contributor for the site. He also likes books, movies, and he’s a HUGE Nickleback fan , and he has Justin Bieber’s signature tattooed on his arm. He’s probably also regretting letting me write his bio right now.

I considered not posting this video just because it was about 60-percent too much me, but that wouldn’t be fair to Jesse and Trevor, who make attractive thumbnails. Check it out, and we all hope you like it!



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