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DBPP: E3 2016 day one podcast – Remakes, sequels, and beer

DBPP: E3 2016 Day One – Remakes, sequels, and beer

In the first of several planned podcasts, we discuss Sunday June 12, the first unofficial day of E3, including the Electronic Arts and Bethesda press events, which sort of kick off the show.

Fair warning, it was a long day that culminated in a few adult beverages.  We weren’t easily impressed.

Technically, E3 doesn’t start until Tuesday, June 14, but Monday has become a press day, with Sony, Microsoft, and Ubisoft hosting major press events where they announce big happenings. Over the last few years though, the Sunday before the show has grown in importance.

We made the trip to LA, and recorded a few thoughts on the unofficial day one of E3.

The podcast features me, Ryan Fleming, the founder and editor of Dead Beats Panel. I’m joined by Tim Johnson, my sound engineer and good friend.

In general, day one wasn’t that impressive. The games looked good, but there wasn’t a single completely original game on the docket. The best announcement was from a remake of a game that came out in 2011. Hopefully that doesn’t define E3, but we’ll see.

Check back with us all week as we offer podcasts covering all the major events, and our overall impressions of E3. Then keep checking as we post several interviews with developers from some of the most popular games from the show.



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