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DBP Podcast: E3 2016 recap – highs, lows, and lots of in-betweens

DBP Podcast: E3 2016 recap – highs, lows, and lots of in-betweens

As you may have noticed, all last week we were live at E3 2016. Our main goal was to record several interviews – which we did and will begin to post next week – but we also recorded a handful of podcasts covering the larger strokes.

I’ve already covered some of my best and worst of E3 2016 in a larger article and I’ve written at length about some of the bigger issues stemming from the show, but I didn’t really get a chance to analyze it as a whole. Besides, even if I had, I have been to several E3s so I tend to take things for granted.

To combat that, I enlisted Tim Johnson, who took on the role of sound producer during the show. It was his first E3, so he came at it from a different point of view than I did.

In this podcast, we discuss the show from the ground level. Some of the discussion is spent on the best and worsts we each took away from the event, but some of it is just a look at the show itself from the points of view of a guy that’s been to a bunch, and a guy there for the first time.

Check it out, and look for the real reason we went to the show – the killer interviews – coming next week.



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