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Daredevil lights himself on fire and jumps off a building for fun

lights himself on fire

A Russian daredevil lights himself on fire and jumps 90 feet into a snow bank, while documenting the whole thing with multiple cameras.

Well, here’s something you won’t see every day. A Russian daredevil and athlete named Alexander Chernikov decided to jump 90-feet off a building into a snow bank, because… well, who knows. Maybe it was a Wednesday and there was nothing on TV in Russia.

But anyone can jump off a building. That’s easy, all you need is gravity. To raise the level of difficulty, Chernikov decided it would be fun to light himself on fire before jumping. Like you do.

And it wasn’t like Chernikov put on a heavy duty flame resistant stunt suit or special effects gel to protect him. Nope, he literally lit himself on fire and jumped off a building.

Thankfully, Chernikov had enough foresight to film what could have easily been his death. Not only did he have a camera on the ground recording his jump, he also wore a GoPro while doing it.

By the way, according to The Daily Dot, Chernikov was promptly arrested.

Check out the first video of the jump as seen from the ground, then keep reading.

The second video features the footage taken from the GoPro, which was then posted by Live Leak.

Check it out and hope you are never, ever that bored.



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