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Dancing at the Bottom of the Deepest Pool in the World

Dancing at the Bottom of the Deepest Pool in the World

A short film by Julie Gautier is performed at the bottom of the deepest pool in the world, all while holding her breath.

If you ever happen to be near the Montegrotto Terme resort area near Venice, Italy and you happen to have your swim trunks on you, there’s a location nearby that’s worth seeing.

The “Deep Joy” facility at the Hotel Millepini has a pool, but it’s not like any other pool in the world. It hits a depth of 138 feet (deeper than a 13-story building). It’s the deepest pool in the world, and it tends to attract some extraordinary people.

To make it to the bottom of the pool and back up without oxygen, you need a powerful set of lungs. To stay there to pose for the odd photo, you need exceptional control. To hang out 138 feet deep and then perform a five-minute dance routine without taking a breath, that’s something completely different.

The video below comes from deep sea diver and filmmaker Julie Gautier. The piece is known as “Ama,” a reference to a Japanese term that refers to pearl divers. It literally translates to “sea maiden,” which is fairly accurate for what you see.

“Ama is a silent film,” Gautier wrote. “It tells a story everyone can interpret in their own way, based on their own experience. There is no imposition, only suggestions. I wanted to share my biggest pain in this life with this film.

“For this is not too crude, I covered it with grace. To make it not too heavy, I plunged it into the water. I dedicate this film to all the women of the world.”

The release date of the video was also chosen with care, as “Ama” debuted on March 8, International Women’s Day.

Dancing with any element is an impressive sight, but throw in an incredible feat on top of that like, say, holding your breath for five minutes, and an interesting clip becomes outright exceptional. It also helps that it is expertly choreographed and beautiful to watch. So there’s that.

Check it out below.



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