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Daft Punk meets Star Wars in a soon to be sued video

Daft Punk meets Star Wars in a soon to be sued video

A group known as Infectious Designer has decided to play a game of chicken with Disney and Daft Punk. According to CNET, the group are known for making short films based on video games and films, and now they have combined two new properties. With luck it won’t get pulled down too quickly.

The group recently released a video titled “Darth Funk – The Funk Awakens.” In it, a pair of Star Wars themed Daft Punk-ish clones face off with a another group, while techno music plays.

In itself, the video is fairly cool. The Darth Vader and Boba Fett-like Daft Punk inspired duo have a dance off against the others, leading to a fairly surprising bit of brutal murder. You know, like you do.

It’s really an impressive piece of video and costume making, so you should watch it now. Especially since it probably won’t be available for long.

The thing about parodying well known properties is that the owners of those companies tend to frown on it. And by frown, I mean sue, or at the very least take some form of legal action. And since one of those property holders is Disney, a company not really known for its sense of humor when it comes to others imitating it, you can probably expect a cease and desist order.

And if not from Disney, then Daft Punk.

A few years back, a pair of women calling themselves “Daft Bodies” posted a video where they danced along to the song “Harder Better Faster Stronger.” It was an immensely clever video. Each woman had a lyric from the song on a various piece of their body, and they displayed it in synch with the song. The faster the song got, the faster the women moved.

It was cool and much liked, plus it was basically a free advertisement for the group, but it was hit with a cease and desist order and removed from YouTube and the like. It has since come back (and there’s probably a cool story behind that), but it was gone for years.

So check out the video, which features DJ Gonk (according to the YouTube listing). It may not be around for long.



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