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Cast listing hints at the DC characters appearing in the new Arrow/Flash spin-off (Updated!)

CW superhero spin-off characters

Update: According to Deadline, relative newcomer Ciara Renee has been cast as Kendra Saunders, aka Hawkgirl. The role is considered one of the leads, but Deadline theorizes that since the character was briefly featured in the ninth season of Smallville, she is not one of the three “previously unseen characters. That might be reading too much into that through. 

Update 2: In another story from Deadline, the role of the time travelling rogue will be Rip Hunter, and he will be played by Arthur Darvill (Doctor Who, Broadchurch).

Original Story 3/9/15: The CW network is moving ahead with its next DC superhero TV series to go along with Arrow and The Flash, and we have a few new hints on who may appear on the show. We also have a few ideas of our own on who those casting descriptions may refer to.

Here’s what we know for sure: the show is in development, and may appear as a mid-season replacement. It will almost certainly skip the pilot requirement, and instead receive an order for a full season (or half-season if it is a mid season replacement).

The DC characters already attached are the Atom (played by Brandon Routh), Dr. Martin Stein (played by Victor Garber, who will likely be joined by Robbie Amell as part of Firestorm), Wentworth Miller as Captain Cold, and Katy Lotz possibly as Canary, despite her death in Arrow.

Along with confirmation of those four, the initial article claimed that the show would introduce “three major DC Comics characters who have never appeared in a TV series.” That came from the sources speaking to Deadline, so there may be some confusion on that. The characters won’t have appeared in Arrow or The Flash, but that doesn’t necessarily mean they haven’t made a guest appearance on a show like Smallvile.

A recent article from TV Line revealed the casting call for the three new heroes. It doesn’t give them a name, but it does give a description. That may be a huge hint as to who those characters are, but it might not. The show could use familiar characters but cast them in a new light.

Just look at Ray Palmer on Arrow. Sure, he is a scientist that develops a new technology that turns him into the Atom, but the similarities between the TV and comic characters end there. Their back stories are completely different. On The Flash you have Cisco Ramon, a scientist that helps the speedster. In the comics though, he is the hero Vibe. The show may still get there, but the character will be completely different. Even the character of Arrow is miles away from the traditional Ollie Queen.

There is still no name for the show (although “Brave and Bold” has been officially eliminated), but we’re sticking with our original idea – Justice Society.

Here are the descriptions, listed with the names given to each of them in the casting:

StarmanThe Traveler – This character is described as a “Han Solo-esque” rogue. He is charming, and hails from the future. He uses his wit to hide the pain of his past, and he hides many secrets that constantly brings his loyalties into question.

Time travel is a relatively common motif in the DC universe, so it could be a few different characters based on that alone. TV Line’s best guess it that it is the character Rip Hunter. That’s certainly a possibility, but the character isn’t exactly well known. With so many other characters to choose from, why go with a fairly obscure character (at least where the general public is concerned)?

A more obvious guess, and potentially a more attractive one is that the character is Booster Gold. There may be some legal issues with that though. There was an Easter egg in Man of Steel showing “Blaze Comics,” a reference to Gold, and there was also supposed to be a movie in development back in 2013. That was before DC released its lineup of 10 films, but there may still be plans for Gold.

The report also claims Gold is unlikely because the character appeared in Smallville, and the characters in the show will be new to live action. That seems like a fairly easy hurdle to overcome though.

Another possibility is that the character could be a member of the Legion of Super Heroes. If so, there are several possibilities. If the thing about the character never having appeared on any TV show is accurate, that would knock out two of the most popular male characters: Cosmic Boy and Lightning Lad, both of whom appeared on Smallville. If so, there are still many others to choose from.

One possibility is the character Starman, also known as Thom Kallor. He started out as a member of the Legion of Super Heroes, but then came back in time to take the mantle of Starman. When he recently appeared, he was badly injured following an unknown event. That would fit with the description. And while Thom Kallor may not be a well known character, the name Starman goes back decades.

hawkgirlFemale Warrior – Described as a twenty-something Latino woman, this character is book smart and socially awkward during the day, but at night she succumbs to the cry of battle and becomes a warrior so fierce she may be a threat to others.

TV Line thinks this may be the character of Fury, an Amazonian heroine, or it may be the successor to the mantle of Wildcat. With Ted Grant still alive and available (assuming nothing happens to him on Arrow…), this one may be unlikely. The character in the comics has also undergone so many changes that fans may be confused.

The characters of Pantha and Tarantula are also mentioned, but there are plenty of other possibilities though – especially if CW doesn’t stick with the traditional ethnicity of the characters.

With that in mind, there is no real reason that the character couldn’t be Hawkgirl.

There are multiple interpretations of Hawkgirl, including that the character is alien. The more common view, however, is that she is a hero that is continually being reincarnated with her husband, Hawkman. There is no reason she couldn’t have been reincarnated as a twenty-something Latino woman.

StaticMystery Hero – The character is described as an African-American male in his twenties that will be the team’s “regular guy.” He is street smart, but suddenly gains powers and has to learn to accept and use them. He will likely be the entry point into the show for people that aren’t fans of the comics.

TV Line’s guess is that it is likely the character of Static, a young man splashed by chemicals and granted electromagnetic powers. It would make sense given the character’s following based from his own animated show, Static Shock, but there may also be some legal issues. There is a live-action Static Shock program under development as part of Warner Bros. new Blue Ribbon digital division, which would debut as a web series. If Static is in the show, it could just signify that DC decided to change strategies with the character. On the other hand, given that Static is meant to be the first web series from Blue Ribbon, that division may not be happy to part with him and abandon the work they have already done.

Another obvious possibility is Black Lightning, an on again off again member of the Justice League. Again though, that is assuming the character shares ethnicity with the comic source.

What what do you think? Any guess we missed?



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