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A Close-up View of One of the Craziest Sports You’ve Never Heard of

crashed ice pov

The 2018-19 season of Ice Cross Downhill, better known as Crashed Ice, is coming soon. To get you in the mood, enjoy a crashed ice pov video to get your blood pumping.

If you’ve ever watched competitive speed skating and thought to yourself, “this is cool, I just wish it were more dangerous,” then Red Bull’s Crashed Ice series may be for you!

There are two names for the event you see below.  The first, which is from 2015, is the somewhat innocuous “Ice Cross Downhill World Championship.” Sounds innocent enough, right? Like something you’d find at the Olympics nestled between speed skating and curling. The other name, however, is “Red Bull Crashed Ice.” That one is a bit more descriptive.

If you haven’t heard of the sport, it’s relatively straightforward. You have a heat of four competitors lined up together, who then race through a downhill track complete with sharp turns and jumps. And the occasional bumping into the other racers.

The first official outing for Crashed Ice was back in 2001 with a single event. That slowly grew to two events a year, and by 2010 a season was created with multiple events.

Since then it has grown fairly significantly – enough so that hundreds of competitors try for the crown and the championship is now awarded based on a point system stemming from placement in the various events throughout a season.

To go with the men’s single races, there is also a women’s class, and a team event.

The 2019 season begins with a stop in Yokohama on December 7-8, 2018. It then heads to Jyväskylä, Finland for an event on February 2, 2019, followed soon after in Boston, Mass. on February 8-9.

For more info on the sport itself, check out one of Red Bull’s preseason video below. Then read on after the jump to actually see what it is like up close and personal.

Now that you’ve seen how crazy the event can get, check out what it looks like from the POV of one of the competitors. It’s kind of like controlled falling, but faster and on ice.

Check it out, and if you want to see the event live, you can watch it on Red Bull’s site.



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