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A Couple Catch What They Think is a Ghost at Tyron Palace

A Couple Catch What They Think is a Ghost at Tyron Palace

While touring Tyron Palace in New Bern, North Carolina, a couple captured what they think may be the ghost of a woman who died in 1798.

Tyron Palace in New Bern, North Carolina is a replica of a mansion built in the 1760s for the then Royal Governor of what, at the time, was still called the Province of North Carolina. It’s modeled after some of the European palaces of the day, with the look and feel of the originals painstakingly recreated here in the New World, from the wood work to the layout to the tragedy.

While Tyron Palace might not have the history of horror that some European fixtures offer, it does have a history of hauntings. In 1798, a fire swept through the palace, killing a servant girl. There have been stories ever since, but a couple who recently took a tour captured something that instantly left a crater on the internet.

The clip is a quick shot from Snapchat, and it shows what appears to be a woman wearing late-18th century clothing walk by a door. You can see it below.

Naturally, there have been conflicting reports about what this actually means. The video doesn’t seem to be faked (and it would be tough – but not impossible – to fake a video on Snapchat, at least through digital manipulation), but it could be a real person. It looks a little translucent, however.

Check it out below and decide for yourself.



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