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A few things you may have missed from Comic-Con

Comic-Con 2015 trailers

One day, probably not that many years from now, someone will see the name “San Diego Comic-Con” and think how quaint it is that the event keeps “comics” in its name. They will then go wait in line for six hours to see an exclusive clip of an upcoming movie, then wait in another line to see a panel about their favorite TV show.

Each year Comic-Con continues to grow in notoriety, especially with studios, and this year is no exception. Most studios used to see the event as a blip on the radar. Maybe they would send a rep down to San Diego with a few fliers and a trailer, but now those same studios plan their entire marketing strategy around the event.

This year, the announcements were massive. Favorite shows had the cast answer questions, new trailers were released, and the biggest movies of the next few years were in attendance. There were also some comics there, probably.

By the way, a few of these trailers haven’t officially been released yet, so they come via a fan with a smartphone recording them. That means that they will very likely be pulled by the studio soon. Check then out while you still can.

Here are a few of our favorite Comic-con trailers, news, and announcements from the show.

Ash vs Evil Dead

Although Ash vs Evil Dead didn’t have anything close to the presence of some of the other properties on this list, it ended up being one of the most talked about trailers of the show (at least for some of us). Starz also confirmed a release date of Halloween.

If there was any doubt about whether or not this show would be able to recapture some of the spirit of the original Evil Dead/Army of Darkness, but this seems to confirm that it can. It so, so can.

Batman v Superman: Dawn of Justice

DC and Warner Bros. had a massive presence at Comic-Con, headlined by its lynchpin film Batman v Superman: Dawn of Justice. The event served as the launching pad for the second trailer, giving us a much better look at the movie than the first. There were also plenty of cast members available to tell everyone that this is basically going to be the best work of fiction in the history of humanity.

And hey, the new trailer is cool. It also doubles down on the grittiness, so people that were into it before will probably be more so now, while those turned off will be turned off-er.

The movie won’t be out for eight months and you’ll see a whole lot more on it leading up to it, but Comic-Con is its spiritual home. A big presence was not just expected, it was almost mandatory. Check out the new trailer below.


(Trailer may soon be removed)

Deadpool made an appearance during the Fox panel, and by all accounts it stole the show. Somewhere, there are probably a bunch of studio execs that saw the reaction to the trailer and mentally upgraded their plans for next year’s Comic-Con,

The clip below is far from official. Following the show (and the incredible reaction on social media), Ryan Reynolds announced that an official trailer was probably about three weeks out due to some rough VFX they want to finish. Reynolds may be right, but the final decision rests with the studio. Fox may wait for the hype to die down, then try to re-ignite it by officially releasing it.

In the meantime, check out the tiny, hand recorded version of the trailer while you can.

Doctor Who

It is a huge testament to Doctor Who that the show is even in the same conversation with films like Star Wars: Episode VII and Batman v Superman. The timing worked very much in favor of the show, as it was able to use Comic-Con to show off the first look at the upcoming season through a new trailer, and to reveal the September 19 release date.

Doctor Who is one of the biggest shows in the world, and its presence at Comic-Con reflected that.

Fear the Walking Dead

The Walking Dead is a massive hit. Individual episodes are crushing the competition, so a new trailer was well received, and unsurprising in its appearance. The bigger takeaway from the Walking Dead panel was the look at the show’s spinoff, Fear the Walking Dead.

The new series has already gained enough love from AMC to receive not one, but two seasons. The network could always change its mind and cancel the show, but that’s still a resounding vote of confidence. Check out the clip below to get a hint of why it is so excited.

The Shannara Chronicles

This announcement was a bit buried amongst the noise of the big budget movies and established shows, but fans of fantasy should pay attention.

Based on the Terry Brooks Shannara books, the new series is an ambitious change of direction for MTV, who has moved more and more into scripted series of late. Given the success of Game of Thrones, the new Shannara series will likely be a little closer to that in tone than, say, Legend of the Seeker, but MTV needs to prove itself.

So far so good.

Star Wars: Episode VII – The Force Awakens

Disney and Lucasfilm knew exactly what they were doing at this year’s Comic-Con. They are perfectly positioned, with Star Wars: Episode VII – The Force Awakens coming in December. Comic-Con is far enough out that they weren’t expected to have too much detail on the film, but near enough that it can tease the future of the franchise and steal the spotlight.

With that said, Lucasfilm was stingy with its details, but it gave enough to leave fans screaming. Nostalgia was wielded like a weapon, with Harrison Ford sitting next to Mark Hamill, answering questions and symbolically passing the torch to the new generation. It also showed a few images that haven’t been seen yet, which had fans talking.

Really, the filmmakers revealed next to nothing, yet Star Wars was a huge Comic-Con “winner.” this year.

Check out the behind-the-scenes footage below and prepare for December.

Suicide Squad

DC had a major presence at Comic-Con, and its two biggest draws were Batman v Superman and Suicide Squad. The majority of the cast was on hand, and the studio also had an exclusive trailer for the event – or at least that was the plan.

Despite its best efforts to keep the trailer private, it was leaked online minutes after it aired. Rather than fight to have every unauthorized copy removed, WB elected to role with it and officially release the trailer itself. And like Batman v Superman, it will likely encourage those already encouraged, and probably give more reasons for some to avoid it.

Check it out, and behold the first official video of the Joker.

X-Men: Apocalypse

(Trailer may soon be removed)

The next X-Men film will be released at a fairly unfortunate time, at least for Comic-Con attendees. It comes out on May 27, 2016, so this will be its last Comic-Con.

Along with the trailer you can watch below (for now), the panel also revealed a few details about the movie, including a look at Oscar Isaac as Apocalypse. The mutants who will appear as his horsemen were also revealed, and they are original to the film series, for the most part (there have been several mutants to act as a horseman for Apocalypse in the comics, but never this lineup). The horsemen will be: Angel/Archangel, 80s Storm complete with Mohawk, Psylocke, and Magneto.

The plot wasn’t really discussed, but it will probably involve Apocalypse trying to wipe out the world, because that’s what supervillains do. Wouldn’t make much of a movie if his nefarious plan was to screw Xavier out of some money in a dodgy land deal.

Along with the announced cast, Hugh Jackman made a scheduled totally surprise appearance to confirm that he will appear in the film, although it sounds like it is a little more than a cameo. Jackman also discussed his stint as Wolverine and the upcoming third solo film, which will be inspired by the storyline “Old Man Logan.” That story featured an older, pacifist Logan living in a post-apocalyptic world.

Trailer has been removed.



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