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Columbia considering four Ghostbusters films, including one starring Channing Tatum and Chris Pratt

four Ghostbusters films

There are probably about five Ghostbusters related puns that could be used to open this article. They vary in humor from the obvious, like who you gonna call, to the paraphrased “The whole franchise is a huge, superconductive property that was designed and built expressly for the purpose of pulling in and concentrating spiritual money.” Granted, that one is a bit of a stretch, but whatever. I’m not your monkey. Make your own jokes.

Anyway! The well publicized female-led Ghostbusters, directed by Paul Feig and starring Kristen Wiig and Melissa McCarthy, is just the first step in the plan to punch the world in the face with a whole bunch of Ghostbusters over the next few years. Feig’s Ghostbuster is just the first film, while a second may follow soon after starring Channing Tatum and Chris Pratt.

According to Deadline, Columbia Pictures is looking at Anthony and Joe Russo (Captain America: The Winter Soldier, Captain America: Civil War) to direct. That may lead to a slight issue though, as Marvel reportedly wants the brothers for Avengers: Infinity War – Part 1 and Part 2. The second Ghostbusters film will be written by Iron Man 3 and Mission: Impossible 5 writer, Drew Pearce. And the two movies are only the start.

The studio has formed a new production company known as Ghostcorps, which includes two of the original Ghostbuster creators, Ivan Reitman and Dan Aykroyd. The studio will be part of Sony, and its goal is to create new “branding opportunities” based on the property. Reitman has publicly talked about wanting to expand the Ghostbusters brand for decades now. It looks like he may finally have his chance.

If Tatum and Pratt both sign on though, with their combined star power the odds are that the film will move ahead. Quickly.

During the Sony hacking scandal, one of the many emails that leaked claimed that Pratt and Tatum discussed the possibility of teaming up for a new Ghostbusters film. Pratt and Tatum have a long standing bromance, and the two have been looking for a project to work on together for awhile now. They settled on the idea of Ghostbusters, but weren’t sure how Sony would react, especially since Feig had already begun work on his Ghsotbusters.

The leaked email went on to claim that Tatum and the Russos brought the idea to then Sony Pictures Chairperson Amy Pascal. The two actors wanted to star, with the Russos producing – not directing.

The discussions at Sony went on to depict the film as a “spin-off” to Feig’s movie, and it would act as a companion. Although Pascal is no longer Sony’s Chairperson, she is attached as a producer.

Another report from Badass Digest claimed that there are currently four Ghostbuster films in the works. The first will be Feig’s, which would then be followed by the possible Tatum/Pratt film. Another would combine the two casts, and the fourth would possibly be a prequel period piece. The Ghostbusters brand would then expand to include other films, not necessarily ghost related. Any supernatural comedy film could then fall under the general Ghostbusters banner.

There are plenty of reports that the second new Ghostbusters film will be “all-male,” but that’s not necessarily the case. Tatum and Pratt would be the leads, in theory, but the rest of the cast hasn’t even been written yet, let alone decided.



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