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Expect the new Clarkson, Hammond, and May TV show to be announced very soon

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In news that no one should be even a little surprised by, Jeremy Clarkson is officially heading back to TV to host a new car show. To make it even more interesting, Clarkson will be joined by his fellow Top Gear alumni, James May and Richard Hammond.

Stories of Clarkson heading to a new show have been fairly widespread, but most of the news has come because of leaks and rumors. Even if there were no leaks, it would just make sense that Clarkson would be in heavy demand. But now it is finally official, as Clarkson has confirmed in an interview with the Sunday Times that he is coming back.

Clarkson didn’t go into details, but he did say that an announcement is coming within the next few weeks. Among those details he didn’t go into includes what network – or platform – he and the others will be returning on. For weeks now, there have been stories of Clarkson being in talks with Netflix, and those stories haven’t gone away.

Sources speaking to the Daily Mirror are even claiming that the trio – along with former Top Gear showrunner Andy Wilman – are in the process of ironing out the final details. It all seems to be mostly a formality, and as soon the papers are signed the announcement will follow.

There are rumors that the new show will be called “House of Cars,” a play on the title of Netflix’s wildly popular political drama, House of Cards. There’s a better that even chance that title was either just an in-joke or a placeholder though, since it would be confusing.

As for Top Gear the BBC is reloading, with all new hosts formed around recent hire, British TV and radio personality, Chris Evans. After Clarkson was fired, the BBC had hoped to continue with May and Hammond, but the timing was either terrible or perfect depending on your point of view. Both hosts were due to renew their contracts when Clarkson got the boot, so both were able to simply walk away.

In a less publicized, but perhaps just as important defection, Top Gear’s showrunner Wilman also left the BBC to team up with Clarkson.

If you consider Clarkson’s firing to be a failure on his part, it will probably end up being a case of failing upwards. Way, way upwards. The BBC gave the three hosts a huge stage to play on, but now that they are free agents they will likely all be receiving a shockingly big pay raise. The BBC takes care of its stars, but it doesn’t come close to paying anywhere near what other networks do, especially those on American based shows.

Expect the official announcement soon.



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