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Check out the trailer for the NBA 2K16 career mode, directed by Spike Lee

NBA 2K16 career mode

One of the reasons the 2K Games’ NBA series continues to be among the top sports franchises in gaming, even with competition from EA’s NBA Live series, is that developer Visual Concepts continues to make significant changes to the game.

Over the last few iterations, one of the biggest changes has been the overhaul of the career mode. It used to be a fairly basic progression based feature, with the odd interview thrown in to spice things up, but then it got bigger.

The career mode evolved to tell the story of an undrafted star-in-waiting, playing with a grudge for teams keeping him on a short leash. It introduced team friendships, interactions with agents, and even the odd rivalry that carries over from the college ranks.

It could get a little weird when your character became the lead scorer for the NBA champions and your teammates still tell you to keep trying harder, but it was an excellent way to expand the career feature.

In NBA 2K16, that career mode is getting another make over and will be the focal point of the franchise this year. The mode is titled “Livin’ Da Dream,” and is directed by Spike Lee.

You can probably expect all the same decision making as NBA 2K15, and more. According to 2K, you’ll make choices that will affect your career. That might be something simple like the endorsements you select, but it looks like it is more than that. A developer probably wouldn’t bring in a named director like Spike Lee unless it was something worth his time.

Check out the trailer below, and look for NBA 2K16 on PC, PlayStation 3, PlayStation 4, Xbox 360, and Xbox One on September 29.  



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