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CCTV Catches a Ghost in a Parking Lot… or Someone in Odd Clothes- You Decide

CCTV Catches Ghost in a Parking Lot weird clothes - you decide

A local news station in Albuquerque ran a story showing what may be a ghost in a parking lot… or it might be a jogger or a person in weird clothes – your call. 

If you read Dead Beats Panel, you know we like our ghost videos. We don’t always believe them, but they are fun to watch. We treat them with skepticism and leave the final decision of how seriously to take them to you, but we don’t publish clips that are obviously false or that come from blatantly untrustworthy sources.

The clip below may have a few question marks to it, but it comes from a legitimate source – at least in the sense that it isn’t just some unnamed an anonymous source, it is an organization that does its homework. Well, it checks some facts. Well, it confirms the spelling of the names of people it talks to. Well…

The clip below aired on KREQ TV, a local news station in Albuquerque, New Mexico. The Hernandez family from Clovis, NM tipped off the news station and then told their story. The Hernandez family claims that their house – or at least the ground it is built on – has a history. A man that used to occupy a building on that land died on the property, and they suspect the man’s spirit remained even after his home was torn down and replaced with a duplex.

Check out the video below and decide for yourself what you see. Many commenters think it is just a pedestrian in a bright white shirt and pants that don’t’ show up well on the low-quality camera. That is very much a possibility, but there is no hint at all of legs or a head on the person, and they seem to disappear at the end of the lot. And assuming the family is telling the truth, it seems like they would be able to recognize a person on a camera system they are familiar with and not just freak out at the sight of a person in a white shirt.

And as a side note, why does that family have so many cameras, including one inside their house? That’s a question for another time. For now, check out the clip below and make of it what you will.



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