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CCTV captures what many are calling the ghost of La Llorna

CCTV captures what many are calling the ghost of La Llorna

Update: The video has been confirmed as a hoax. The Mexican beer company, Cerveza Victoria México, posted the video is the start of an advertising campaign. It is all leading up to November 1 and the Day of the Dead. 

If you’ve followed DBP at all, then you probably know that we love this time of year. Last fall we ran dozens of ghost related stories, and we are planning more of the same this year. This one is a little early, but it just hit the news so it’s relevant.

The clip was recorded on September 18, 2016, at just after 2am. The video was taken off of a CCTV system set up in Paseo de la Reforma in Mexico City. It’s fairly unremarkable footage at first – until one of the cameras captures what appears to be a woman standing in the intersection. She appears out of nowhere, then a car seems to drive right through her.

The woman appears to have black hair and is wearing a white dress, which has led many to claim that she is “La Llorna,” also known as the “Weeping Woman,” or the ”Crying Woman.”

The weeping woman is a story straight out of Mexican folklore. The legend goes that a beautiful woman, often referred to as Maria, in a fit of rage and revenge drowned her children after her husband leaves her for a younger woman. Once she realizes what she has done, she then drowned herself.

The woman then went to the gates of Heaven. She is asked where her children are, and told that she will not be allowed in until she finds them. She is then forced to wander the Earth, futilely searching for her dead children, weeping as she goes.

She is almost always said to appear at night, and some stories claim that she kidnaps children that loosely resemble her own, before drowning them in the hopes their deaths will replace the deaths of her children. Other stories claim that if you hear her wailing, it means you are marked for death.

The video below fits with the look of La Llorna, but the real question is whether or not it’s real. With most ghost videos, the weirder they are, the less likely they are. It’s one thing to see a brick thrown across an empty room, it’s another to actually see a person.

The ghost also appears right in the middle of the street, conveniently in position for a car to pass through it. This one seems more than a little suspicious, but I present it to you in the spirit of the season to let you make your own decision. Look for a lot more posts like this in the weeks to come.



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