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Cardistry will make you never want to play poker again

Cardistry will make you never want to play poker again

If you ever happen to play a game of cards against someone skilled in cardistry, never let them deal. 

This is just kind of freaky. Sure, it’s impressive, but I didn’t know fingers could move like that. The answer is obvious, of course – it can only be witchcraft.

Or, I suppose it could be a crazy amount of practice with sleight of hand and card flourishes.

“Cardistry,” or the art of card flourishing, involves people manipulating cards in amazing ways. It’s not card tricks or magic, per se, it’s just a really impressive use of their hands and a deck (or more) of cards.

Cardistry is actually becoming something of a competitive field, with practitioners constantly trying to one-up one another with increasingly amazing videos. It won’t be long until cardistry masters are throwing playing cards like knives and taking people out.

The clip below is from a guy named “Romi Anonymous”, which I suspect may not be his real name. It features several Cardistry experts. None of them are particularly well known outside of the cardistry community, but if you’re curious, you can find the complete list here.

Anyway, it’s fairly amazing to watch. And just remember that if you meet one of these guys, it’s probably best not to play poker with them.



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