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Here’s what it looks like when a car hits a wall at 120 mph

Here’s what it looks like when a car hits a wall at 120 mph

Have you ever wondered what would happen when car hits a wall while traveling at a blistering 120 mph? Well wonder no more.

One of the sadder and more despicable – and yet very common – traits of humanity is that we love to see accidents. Anytime there is anything ranging from a fender-bender to an outright crash, you’ll see people driving by and gawking at it. The more chaos, the slower bystanders will go to see. Sometimes it is due to genuine concern for the victims, sometimes it is the destruction, and if there’s an ambulance, you may need to get out and walk.

Regardless, people enjoy seeing nice things destroyed. With that in mind, the clip below is sadly satisfying.

The video shows a car crashing into a wall at 120mph, filmed in slow motion. Obviously, there is no one in the car; it was pulled toward the wall by a series of cables (although there does seem to be a crash test dummy inside). The result is a mess of a car.

The purpose of the video was probably to test safety standards, but that’s kind of silly. If a car – any car – hits a solid wall while going 120mph, there are no safety features that will save the driver and passengers from a brutal result. There’s just nothing left of the car. A reinforced frame and an airbag or two won’t make a lot of difference.

Check out the clip below and… enjoy?



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