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You Can Run, But You Can’t Hide From Turning Arrows

You Can Run, But You Can’t Hide From Turning Arrows

Archer and Trick Shooter Lars Andersen shows how you can shoot around solid objects with turning arrows, because why not.

The next time you watch The Avengers and think to yourself how useless Hawkeye would be in real life against enemies that are powerful enough to throw Captain America out of a window, consider this video. Not that Marvel Studios’ archer could ever really hang with the Hulk or anything, but he probably has a few tricks you never knew about.

While not exactly a superhero or crime fighter, archer Lars Andersen has made a career out of trick shooting with a bow and arrow. He puts on shows around the world and posts clips to YouTube that make Hollywood depictions of archery seem tame by comparison. Most of the tricks he shows off are also historically accurate – maybe not widespread, but also not unheard of.

His latest video is one part showing off (in a good way) and one part tutorial. In it, he demonstrates how to curve an arrow in flight to shoot around walls and still hit a target. He also shows how to shoot over a wall and hit a target at close distance, and fires off one shot that looks an awful lot like a boomerang – a pointy, deadly boomerang.

Amateurs probably won’t be able to pull off this move, but experienced archers shouldn’t have much of a problem picking it up. Just don’t try this at home using actual people like in the video below. Unless you really don’t like them. And you have some form of diplomatic immunity. Or you are in international waters.

Watch it below and if you are into archery, check out all his videos. They are incredible.



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