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Camera Records Lava After Falling in, Somehow Survives

Camera Records Lava After Falling in, Somehow Survives

A GoPro camera records lava covering it after falling into its path on an active volcano in Hawaii. Somehow, the footage survived.

GoPro cameras are built to be tough. They need to survive the rigors of the activities they are constantly put through, so they can’t just shatter because of a slight impact or, ya know, getting buried under a stream of lava.

Camera Records Lava After Falling in, Somehow SurvivesWe’ve seen GoPros fall from space, parachute without the parachute, get hijacked by squirrels and more, but a camera in Hawaii may have just topped them all. Filming on Hawaii’s Kilauea volcano, the camera fell into the path of the lava and recorded the moment when the fiery liquid covered it. The heat reached between 700 and 1200-degrees Celsius, and yet somehow the camera survived along with the SD card and its footage.

The camera was set up by Erik Storm, who runs tours on the volcano. He was busy talking to tourists and didn’t notice his camera being sacrificed to the mountain gods. As soon as he saw what was happening he ran over and used a geological hammer to rescue it, but assumed it was a lost cause.

After returning home, he began to chip off some of the still-cooling rock and found the camera to physically be in decent shape – scorched and melted, but it mostly retained its shape – enough so that he could fish out the SD card, which remained intact. The camera itself even managed to power up and record, although the lens was so melted it isn’t really functional anymore. Still, props to GoPro.

The footage is fairly mesmerizing as the lava approaches. Some have even wondered if Storm deliberately left the camera in the path of the lava in the hopes that it would survive long enough to capture something cool, something he denies. Either way, check out the footage below.



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