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Call of Duty: Infinite Warfare multiplayer beta shows the future of the series

Infinite Warfare tips and tricks

Initially, this guide was going to be a Call of Duty: Infinite Warfare tips and trick guide for the multiplayer. The idea was to give some advice on the new game from someone that has played every major COD release. I don’t claim for a second to be an expert at playing the game – I have my good and bad games like most people – but I’ve watched the series enough to see the direction it takes and give some ideas based on the philosophy of each new iteration.

Or at least, that was my initial idea. As I played the Infinite Warfare beta, however, a guide seemed unnecessary. If you are curious about buying the new COD there’s a simple question to ask yourself: Is this COD game for you? And in that, there’s an easy way to decide. It also gave a clear indication of what may be the future of the COD franchise.

Infinite Warfare is very much the continuation of the franchise that is now dominated by the developer Treyarch. It plays like Black Ops III, both in practical terms and in philosophy. The series is moving further and further away from a “boots on the ground” style to a vertical game where you are constantly on the move. It’s not quite aerial combat, but there are moments where it’s close.

Infinite Warfare tips and tricksHow it got to this point is actually fairly easy to track, beginning with Modern Warfare.

Call of Duty 4: Modern Warfare – the remastered version of which is included as part of the Infinite Warfare special editions – offered fairly flat maps. There were some elevated points, but the game didn’t depend on them. That put the emphasis on shooting over movement (to a degree). It also encouraged camping. Why bother to run out into an open area when you can just create choke points and wait for enemies?

Modern Warfare created a new generation of online, console multiplayer fans. Call of Duty continued with a new entry every year, swapping between games from Infinity Ward and Treyarch (then eventually Sledgehammer). And with each new game, one of the defining elements was obvious – make it faster.

Infinity Warfare, like Black Ops III and Advanced Warfare before it, is all about movement. The game is meant to be played by someone that is constantly pushing. You can try camping, but you’ll end up spending a lot of time staring at nothing until someone walks up behind you and shoots you. Maps are designed to prohibit this, and movement is designed to allow you ways past enemies.

If you are considering whether or not to check out Infinity Warfare, the only real question you need to ask is did you like Black Ops III? The weapons aren’t anything you haven’t seen before, the loadout will be extremely familiar at this point, and even the special weapon/ability you have access to was introduced in the 2015 COD.

So if you like online multiplayer, FPS games, and you like the COD franchise, the future of the franchise seems to be based around the freedom of movement. Double jumps, wall runs, power slides, and all the trappings that come along with it. things could always change, but the franchise seems to be heading in this direction.

You can decide for yourself on November 4, 2016 when Call of Duty: Infinite Warfare is released for PC, PlayStation 4, and Xbox One.



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