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Call of Duty: Modern Warfare tips and tricks

Call of Duty: Modern Warfare tips and tricks

Call of Duty: Modern Warfare, or Call of Duty: Modern Warfare Remastered as it is more accurately known, is going to either be a welcome return for some players, or a strange look into the comparatively simplistic history of the Call of Duty franchise. It really just depends on your point of view.

I’ve made the argument that while Infinite Warfare, this year’s COD offering, is deeper, Modern Warfare is a better game. It is just more thought out. Every perk is there for a specific reason. Every weapon can be used effectively in the right situation (even the poor, beleaguered Skorpion). By comparison, the more recent COD games just offer more stuff.

If you played the game when it was originally released in 2007, consider this guide a refresher of what’s what. If you are new to the game and are possibly more familiar with the more recent COD titles, here are a few Modern Warfare tips and tricks that will help you get back into the groove.


Call of Duty: Modern Warfare tips and tricks

There are multiple tiers of challenges that unlock as you level up. Completing each challenge earns you extra XP, and prestiging resets the challenges. Make it a point to complete them if you want to level up quickly.

There are two types of challenges: general gameplay challenges and challenges related to your weapons and perks. The weapons challenges are something you will likely complete simply through playing, and along with the XP you unlock attachments and camo. You may want to aim a little higher for the headshot challenges on each weapon, but for the most part you’ll finish these off just by playing like normal. The others, however, may take a little planning.

Some are related to things like equipment, which means you may need to have a specific loadout to use them. For example, if you are trying to complete a challenge where you need to destroy enemy equipment, you’ll want to equip the perk that helps you see that equipment. If you are trying to complete the challenge where you fall without dying, make sure you are using juggernaut, and on.

Take a few minutes and look through the challenges. See which ones are available, and try to complete them. They are worth the effort.

  • Some challenges are best completed when the exact situaton presents itself and not before. For example, one challenge requires you to damage an enemy with a primary, then finish them off with a handgun. You can do this in a straight fight, but it’s much easier to look for someone with the Last Stand perk and finish them off that way.


Call of Duty: Modern Warfare tips and tricks

The game mode Headquarters deserves an entry on its own. The series has moved away from it in favor of new modes like Hardpoint, which offer a similar game type, but with a few slight differences.

When Modern Warfare was first released, Headquarters was at times the second most popular game mode behind only TDM (neck and neck with Domination). If you are looking for a way to earn experience points quickly, Headquarters is a great way to do it. If you are working with a team, you can hold a point relatively easily. If not, you’ll still have a chance to earn a lot of points.

If you are attacking a held target, you are probably facing several enemies in a confined area. You can spam the area with explosives and odds are you’ll get a kill or two. If you are defending and you have a good position you can get some great kills. Set traps and enjoy the points you earn as you hold the area.

  • It helps to have the Juggernaut perk equipped.
  • Use killstreaks wisely. If you are attacking and have an airstrike, save it. The enemy is likely inside under cover and you can get more if you hit them when they are running to a base. Sane for a UAV- if you are defending, don’t immediately use it. If your team dies soon after, you’ll have wasted a huge chunk of the UAV’s time.

Kill Confirmed

Call of Duty: Modern Warfare tips and tricks

Another game type that deserves its own section is Kill Confirmed, a mode that was not part of the original release. Over the years it has become a staple of the COD series, so it’s not all that surprising to see it here. There are a few things to keep in mind though when playing it.

To begin with, the movement in MW is different than in the current games. There is no slide or even dolphin flop, which means going for tags is a dangerous proposition. So keep in mind when playing Kill Confirmed that you’re playing a game mode that wasn’t meant for this game. Adapt your play to match and be cautious.

  • Watch out for Martyrdom. If even a third of the people that die drop a grenade when they drop a tag, that will lead to plenty of tags.
  • Watch for traps when it comes to tags. C4 and claymores are especially useful/frustrating here.
  • Try to stay out of wide open areas. If you die, your tag becomes bait for both teams.


Call of Duty: Modern Warfare tips and tricks

The killstreaks in MW are simple enough – there are only three of them. You can’t choose your killstreak loadout as you can in later games, so everyone is equal in that sense.

The first killstreak activates a UAV at three consecutive kills without dying; the second is an airstrike at five straight kills; the third is a helicopter when you reach seven kills. Unlike later games, you can only earn one set of killstreaks per life – so even if you earn, say, 14 straight kills, you can only call one helicopter. You also can’t bank killstreaks, so if you earn a UAV but don’t use it then earn an airstrike, the UAV is gone.

Killstreaks also don’t stack up, so if you have a UAV and one is already active, using yours won’t improve the result (although it will extend it based on when you launch it). You can still use it to get the points, so it’s always worth calling them. You also need to coordinate your airstrikes – a team can’t launch two at the same time, and there is a slight cooldown period between when you can launch one after another. The helicopter is the same.

  • If there is an enemy helicopter, stop what you are doing and try to take it down. With a standard assault rifle you can take one out with three clips or so (which will typically take all your ammo). Alternatively, you can use the RPG (which is painfully inaccurate), or the LMG (which makes short work of an attack bird.
  • Even if you can’t destroy it, shoot an enemy helicopter. If a teammate destroys it and you helped damage it, you’ll still get points.
  • When you earn an airstrike, go somewhere out of the way, call it, then wait. If the airstrike does its job you’ll be closer to earning a helicopter, which helps both you and your team.

Map geography

Call of Duty: Modern Warfare tips and tricks

Learn the maps. This is true of all COD games, but never more so than in MW. The maps are finite and limited, more than in current COD games. There are specific points where people hide, and paths that push people in certain directions.

To give you a better example, on the map Backlot, there are two areas on either side where people spawn – one is a parking lot with garages, the other is an empty square that exits both into a street and through a stone wall. If you are at the garage and you clear it of enemies, you can safely assume that the team will begin to spawn on the other side (assuming you don’t have teammates already there). That’s just an example, but the point is that once you learn the map, you learn where enemies will be.

The majority of MW maps are based on a simple strategy: there are three paths through each map, one right, one left, and one in the center. Learn them. All maps also have a handful of elevated points. when you are running past an area, make sure you cover your lines of sight.

  • The game ships with 10 maps and six more will be released in December. That constitutes all the original maps.
  • There is no word yet on the four additional maps that were released as DLC.
  • You can create a private match with any map. If you want to play around, do so with a friend and learn the layouts.


Call of Duty: Modern Warfare tips and tricks

The map Shipment deserves its own entry because it doesn’t really act like a traditional map, regardless of the game mode. Think of it like a weapons testing lab, where you can select the weapons you may not be great with and get a lot of kills quickly. If you are trying to complete weapons challenges, Shipment is a good place to do it.

The best way to exploit Shipment is to play it on Headquarters. Taking a point out in the open in a small, confined area is incredibly difficult, and once you do the attacking team can generally make short work of the defenders. Be prepared for a lot of grenades, and don’t get frustrated when you die quickly and often.

  • Use the Juggernaut perk.
  • People will hate you for it, but if you’ve unlocked the Fragx3 perk, equip it. As soon as you spwan, throw all three off for a cheap and easy kill (or multiple kill). That alone could earn you a killstreak, which in turn helps your point totals.
  • If you are determined to use a sniper rifle for some reason, practice your quick scoping. When you see an enemy, quickly tap the aim, then fire. The game’s slight auto-center feature will do the rest.
  • Burst fire weapons are at a disadvantage.


Call of Duty: Modern Warfare tips and tricks

The weapon selection in MW is a smaller than all previous COD offerings, but the weapons available to you all have their uses based on the map and the game mode.

Like all later COD games, successfully killing enemies and successfully registering headshots will earn you camo and attachments. The weapons also have their own challenges, both the classes in general and the individual weapons. You earn additional XP for completing them.

Experiment with the weapons to see what works for you. While in later COD games there are clearly weapons that are better than others, in MW there is more balance.

  • The M16 is a devastatingly powerful weapon, but it is much more useful when you unlock the red dot and replace the iron sights.
  • You can earn kills toward unlocking a weapon’s attachments by picking up that same weapon off the ground and using it, but it only counts toward the challenges once you’ve unlocked the weapon.
  • Sprinting cancels reloading. Be sure you time your reloads properly.
  • The pistol is extremely weak. It should be used as a last resort. The only exception to this is the Desert Eagle.
  • Reaching the level 55 earns you the golden Desert Eagle. It doesn’t change the gun’s attributes, but it is a nice aesthetic addition.
  • Melee is extremely effective, but ducking can dodge it completely.
  • Completing all weapons challenges in a category earns you a golden camo for one weapon in that category. It doesn’t change the weapon, it is purely aesthetic.
  • The assault golden weapon is the AK-47; SMG is a Mini-Uzi; Sniper earns you a golden Dargunov; Shotgun is a golden M1014; LMG is a golden M60.
  • Weapons do less damage at range. silencers also reduce damage.
  • Most weapons add x 1.4 damage to head and neck shots. Sniper rifles add 1.5.
  • Weapon recoil changes by weapon, not class. Experiment to find out what does what.
  • The Deep Impact perk allows you to shoot through most walls, it does not add any damage.
  • The Stopping Power Perk increases damage to 140-percent of normal.

General Modern Warfare tips

Call of Duty: Modern Warfare tips and tricks

  • Learn the spawn points. Knowing where the game drops you means you know where your opponents are being dropped.
  • Although this guide has focused on the multiplayer, the campaign is absolutely worth playing. Try it on hard if you want a little practice for the MP.
  • Use cars as bombs. Destroy them when someone is near and it will kill them.
  • C4 can make for a great trap (it’s also fun to use).
  • Claymores can be incredibly effective, but once an enemy knows there are in play, they tend to look for them. When this happens and enemies start going out of their way to destroy them, use them as bait. Set one in an obvious location and wait for an enemy to slow dow to destroy it. Take them out.
  • Damage increases in hardcore modes. Change your loadouts and tactics accordingly (extra ammo and sleight of hand are less beneficial, for instance).
  • The Eavesdrop perk is mostly useless – unless you are facing a clan. If so, equip silenced weapons and hide near them for a hint at what the opposite team is doing.

Do you have any Call of Duty: Modern Warfare tips and tricks for us?

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