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Bulldozers fight in the streets of China for honor… and vengeance

Bulldozers fight in the streets of China

It’s getting real on the streets of Heibi Province in northern China.

Not content to just have gang fights and shootings like we do in the good ol’ U S of A, Chinese construction workers are taking things to the next level and battling it out on the streets with construction bulldozers.

And to be clear, this isn’t just a pair of bulldozers tapping into each other and exchanging harsh words. These bulldozers go after each other, with one getting flipped on its side and others rushing in. This is the bloods and crips of the construction world. Maybe one of the bulldozers accidentally murdered a rival dozers’ lady forklift. It’s tragedy up in this bitch.

The fight is legit too. I don’t claim to be some kind of bulldozerologist, but despite how heavy duty they are, I can’t imagine that flipping one and having it crash down on its side does it a lot of good.

The fight is extreme, but it isn’t unheard of – it probably won’t be an isolated incident either.

Real estate construction makes up nearly a quarter of the Chinese economy, and it is currently struggling. A decade ago the Chinese government was building at an exponential pace, far more than most industrialized nations, bordering on obsessive. The results were ghost cities with thousands – even millions – of housing units left vacant. Even now with the countless vacancies, China continues to build, although not nearly as much as in the past. It just can’t stop itself.

As a result, Chinese construction companies are facing massive layoffs, and building contracts are becoming harder to win – so much so that they occasionally turn into actual fights.

You can watch the carnage below. Don’t worry, the camera guy (we assume based on the exclamations) eventually figures out how cameras work and moves his meaty palm out of the way. As a side note, in their anger and desperation, the bulldoziers (trademark pending) may have invented a new form of spectator combat.

And thus, true mech battles were born.

Granted, it’s probably a costly sport, but it amuses us, so it should continue. So we decree.

You can watch the video below, but we recommend opening a second tab and letting the Star Trek danger music play. Trust us, it’s totally worth it, and sooner or later someone on the internet will add it anyway.



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