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Brothers prank drugged sister, convince her of a zombie outbreak

Brothers prank drugged sister that zombies are coming (it’s funnier than it sounds)

In the prank drugged sister category, two brothers and their mom may have set the bar to a new level with a fake zombie apocalypse.

The Internet is filled with videos showing beloved, drugged family members doing goofy things that make for entertaining videos. From the famous “David After Dentist” to the slew of imitators, a trip home from the dentist after minor surgery can lead to internet gold.

There is a new high water mark though. The video below could be the end of that genre of video, or it could set off a new wave of people really upping their game to adorably traumatize their friends and family. Fingers crossed for the latter.

In the clip below, Millicent is on the way home after having her wisdom teeth pulled. If you had your teeth pulled as an adult or you’ve seen someone in that situation, you know what kind of hot mess patients are post-surgery. It’s sort of like walking in a dream that you know is a dream. You recognize that things aren’t quite right, but you can’t really do anything about it.

It’s in that state that poor Millicent received the brunt of a well orchestrated prank conceived by her brothers, with help from her mom. It begins with a recorded track (likely featuring the voice of one of the brothers) acting as the Emergency broadcasting system, warning people of a new viral outbreak that is causing major civil unrest, including cannibalism. On the way home, a quick call to a frantic mom tells them to hurry back and pack.

Once home, the brothers begin to pepper Millicent with questions like which pet to save, and what type of desert they should take as they make their way to Mexico.

To be fair, Millicent is kind of on top of things. She doesn’t really seem to have the ability to tell that this is all bullshit, but she is quick to choose the cat over the dog.

Check out the clip below, and if you plan on pranking a drugged family member or friend, bring your A game.



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