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Obsessively breaking down the new Captain America: Civil War trailer

new Captain America: Civil War trailer

The new Captain America: Civil War trailer is here and it is awesome. That’s not an opinion, it is a fact, and if you can’t get on board with that maybe we can’t be friends.

The trailer includes a lot of firsts, most notably the first look at Tom Holland and Spider-Man, but it also gives us a clear idea about the plot and how it all shakes out.

Below are a few things I took from the trailer. They are just theories, based on the same footage that everyone else has seen, so there is nothing really spoilerish here. It’s all just my best educated guesses. It’s also a little obsessive. Don’t judge me!

Let us know what you think of my theories, the trailer, and my potentially frightening obsession in the comments below or on our Facebook page!

Tony’s turnaround

new Captain America: Civil War trailer

This isn’t really a surprise, but the trailer does seem to confirm the nature of the “Civil War.”

One issue I initially had with the idea of adapting the Civil War comics storyline was that the MCU version of Tony Stark wasn’t all that close to the one in the comics. Downey Jr.’s Stark is more flippant by nature, and far less trusting of the government than the one in the comics. In Iron Man II, Stark implicitly states he doesn’t trust the government with his tech (and apparently rightly so given that the Senator requesting it was a member of Hydra), so what changed?

It was recently pointed out to me that the movies have been laying the groundwork for this turnaround for awhile now. It has been quietly building, but it really began in Iron Man 3, in which Tony is suffering from PTSD after the Battle of New York. That in turn laid the groundwork for Avengers: Age of Ultron, where his actions led to untold destruction in the form of Ultron, all under the guise of protecting the world. It does actually make sense that Stark would have finally learned from his mistakes.

It’s still a little weird that he would trust the government to institute the checks mentioned in the trailer. It also doesn’t explain why Stark would side with General Ross (who disastrously hunted his friend Bruce Banner in The Incredible Hulk), but there’s probably more to it.

Is that The Vault? 

new Captain America: Civil War trailer

At 0:51 in the trailer a helicopter flies over what appears to be open seas, when a structure rises up from beneath the waves in a very Legion of Doom sort of way. Assuming the editing isn’t tricking us, that helicopter is taking Tony Stark to what appears to be a prison (or at least high tech holding cells).

That could be “The Vault,” the high tech prison seen in the Marvel Comics universe where the worst of the worse are imprisoned. In the comics, Tony Stark helped to design it, or at least the armor the guards wear. In what could be an interesting nod to the comics, The Vault was originally built to contain the Avengers after the team was framed for crimes it did not commit.

Given that the plot revolves around putting people with super powers in check, it would make a lot of sense to introduce The Vault.

(It could also be “The Raft,” but The Vault has closer ties to the Avengers and has been around in the Marvel Universe much longer.)

All about Bucky

new Captain America: Civil War trailer

Unsurprisingly given the previous trailer and where Captain America: The Winter Soldier ended (plus the Ant-Man button), Civil War seems to be somewhat centered on – or at least around – The Winter Soldier.

new Captain America: Civil War trailerIn the trailer he fights and tries to kill Tony Stark, and Black Panther wants him dead or stopped, possibly blaming him for the explosion that seems to leave T’Challa (Chadwick Boseman) angry and bleeding (smart money is the blast kills someone close to him, and side bet says it was actually Crossbones working with Zemo).

Given that, it’s likely that the breaking point between Cap and Iron Man is Bucky. If I had to guess, I would say the Winter Soldier is blamed for an attack, Iron Man and Black Panther both want him to pay, and Cap steps in. That provides the spark for the battle.

As a side note, my longstanding theory is that it will be revealed that The Winter Soldier killed Howard Stark on orders from Hydra. Tony will find out and want revenge, and he won’t stop until Bucky is dead. That will give Cap motivation to fight, and give him the moral high ground (sort of). That’s entirely my guess based on nothing specific, but it would fit so nicely with everything else that’s come before, and give a legitimate reason for Cap and Iron Man to be unable to reconcile their differences.

War Machine down!

new Captain America: Civil War trailer

The trailer suggests that Bucky shoots down and badly wounds War Machine at the 1:15 mark, although that seems more like slick editing than continuity. Regardless of who shoots, War Machine goes down hard.

In the background, you can see what appears to be the smoking ruins of the airport, which looks like the site of the final battle between the two sides. If so, War Machine’s fall could signify the end of the battle. It wouldn’t be much of a war without at least a few casualties, and it seems like Rhodes is in line to bite it.

That said, if War Machine actually died, they probably wouldn’t put it in the trailer. Showing him getting wounded is one thing, showing him dying is massive spoiler.

That said, the blast that took him down could have come from a special weapon someone on Cap’s side is using, a stray shot from Iron Man’s team, a government agency sent to intervene, or possibly from someone manipulating events to pit the heroes against each other (Zemo, anyone?).

Black Panther is a bad ass

new Captain America: Civil War trailer

The trailer shows that the Black Panther wants Bucky, but it also shows that he is faster, and possibly more powerful than Captain America – a guy that is powerful enough to hold a helicopter in place and beat up a man in an iron suit.

He’s also apparently bulletproof, which raises the question of who is shooting at both Black Panther and Bucky? It could be reckless and dogged government agents (General Ross, for the win), or it could be someone else – we still haven’t seen Daniel Bruhl, who is playing a variation of Baron Zemo.

Scarlet Witch vs Vision

new Captain America: Civil War trailer

One of my biggest concerns about Civil War is how the two sides are balanced. On one side, you have basically two Iron Men, a guy that seems to be as powerful as Captain America, the most bad ass spy in the world, and a guy powered by an infinity stone – and possibly Spider-Man. On the other side you have Cap, a witch with still somewhat undefined powers, and three very mortal people with some interesting tools/weapons (plus a guy that can shrink and steal stuff).

That’s still a question, but at least the trailer addressed that there’s a reason Vision doesn’t just show up and murder everyone. The Scarlet Witch seems to be able to counter him, which does make some sense. It also fits that the two characters are connected given their comic history, where they fell in love and married.

Hawkeye and Ant-Man

new Captain America: Civil War trailer

In a nod to classic Marvel fans, Hawkeye shoots Ant-Man via an arrow. That probably won’t mean much to fans of the movies alone, but old school Marvel Comic fans will probably love it.

It’s kind of unclear how big a role Ant-Man will play though – no pun intended. There are rumors that Ant-Man will also appear as Giant-Man, but it’s odd that Paul Rudd is not among the 10 stars headlining the poster (although he is in the credits below). That would suggest his involvement is minimal.

He’s also not one of the heroes in the poster’s face off, adding to that notion. The trailer seems to suggest that he is a major part of what appears to be the climactic battle at an airport, and he may even take down Iron Man, but Paul Rudd doesn’t seem to get much love.


new Captain America: Civil War trailer

One of the most asked questions about Civil War is what role does Spider-Man play. The only thing that was really confirmed leading up to this trailer is that the character appears in the movie, and that he is played by Tom Holland. Beyond that, there were more questions than answers.

The trailer answers a few, but only a few.

To begin with, we finally get to see the suit. A lot of people were hoping that Spidey would be saved and only revealed in the film itself, but given how much merchandising is tied up in the film, there are probably a lot of anxious retailers and manufacturers that have been waiting for this moment – plus, it does make for the perfect close to the trailer.

As for the suit, it looks like the traditional Spidey suit, just with a few new stripes and minus the rubber of the last two Spidey suits from the films. It also features squinting eyes, which is a little odd given that it’s a mask and all, but that does kind of fit with the comics. There have been a lot of stories that Spidey will first appear in a more home-made looking outfit first, and that Tony Stark will give him his first real suit – which would be in keeping with the Civil War storyline in the comics where Iron Man gives Spidey the Iron Spider costume. It would also help explain why Spidey comes when Iron Man calls.

We also get to hear Spidey for the first time, and wow does Tom Holland sound young. That’s in fitting with the direction of the character, as he is meant to be 15 or 16. It just stands in contrast to the powerful pose he makes in the Spidey-crouch while holding the shield.

Now that we’ve seen Spidey, hopefully anything else involving the character will be kept secret until the film.

new Captain America: Civil War trailer

This trailer is much better than the last, but the film pretty much sells itself. It is the culmination of the MCU, continuing the story that spans multiple films. Still, this trailer sells the movie on its own merits as much as the promise of more of what has come before.

And of course, there’s Spidey! Spidey holding Cap’s shield. Shut up and take my money!

Captain America: Civil War hits theaters on May 6, 2016.



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