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Boston Dynamic introduces an amazing new robot that can kill us all

Boston Dynamic introduces an amazing new robot that can kill us all

And in today’s edition of “what’s going to kill us now,” Boston Dynamic, the purveyors of fine robotics and nightmare fuel, have a new robot that could be the prototype of the mechanical overlords that will inevitably hunt us down and murder us all.

But it is neat looking.

Boston Dynamic’s latest robot is known as the “Handle,” a wheeled robot that can lift 100 lbs. and jump up to four feet in the air. It can also navigate uneven terrain (including stairs), maintain its balance even at awkward angles, and it has an internal battery. On top of all that, it looks like a robot ate a horse and the resulting abomination took up ballet.

Oh, and the robot can also go 9 mph, which means that while must athletic humans could outrun it, it could keep up until you tire and its batteries run out of charge – which is about 15 miles. So unless you are an marathon runner, the Handle could catch you.

Of course, the robots Boston Dynamic make, including the humanoid ones that can kick someone until they explode, are simple and usually controlled by another person. There will come a day – in the very near future though – when robots like the ones Boston Dynamic makes will be equipped with an AI. It’s a natural evolution of the technology.

On the plus side, that could mean we have robots that can do things humans can’t, like go into burning buildings to look for injured people and even explore objects far beyond the Earth. On the downside, AI have shown that they can become aggressive when they are introduced to stressful situations. When that kind of intelligence is paired with a murderbot that weighs several hundred pounds and can go over almost any terrain, that’s a bad recipe.

But that’s still a few years away. For now, check out the cool robot!



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