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Bobby Mackey’s Music World is a seriously freaky place

Bobby Mackey’s Music World is a seriously freaky place

When the Ghost Adventures crew went to Bobby Mackey’s Music World in Wilder, Kentucky, they came across a whole lot of weirdness that couldn’t be explained.

The other day I posted a video where a supposed poltergeist threw a brick at a paranormal investigator on a TV show. I made the point then that I generally don’t like posting stuff from TV personalities.

And yet here we are two days later, and I’m posting another video from the Ghost Adventures Crew.

But it’s a good one. It’s a really good one.

Although the show has been running for multiple seasons over several years, some of their best footage came from their first couple of episodes. They’ve had some amazing incidents over the years, but there were a couple in that first season that helped to propel them to the fame they enjoy now.

One of those investigations took them to Bobby Mackey’s Music World, one of the most messed up places in the country.

Not long ago, I was talking to a buddy about these paranormal videos, and he raised an interesting point. If there are ghosts, and if these investigators did discover something unexplained, why not bring a dozen people back to that location and flood the world with proof?

The funny thing is, the GAC did exactly that at Bobby Mackey’s Music World, all because of their first investigation.

In 2008, the GAC investigated the well known Bobby Mackey’s nightclub, which houses what some call a “gateway to Hell.” Many of the reported ghostly encounters over the years have been violent in nature, with people being physically assaulted. A few have been thrown down stairs, others have had objects thrown at them, and more.

During the investigation, the lead investigator Zak Bagans received three mysterious scratches on his back, seemingly from nowhere. Deep scratches. He kinda freaked out too.

Over the years, there have also been numerous stories of a ghostly apparition wearing a cowboy hat – the theory is that it is the ghost of a murderer that decapitated a woman as part of a ritualistic sacrifice.

And he seems to appear in the video below.

It’s pretty damn creepy, and it’s pretty hard to see how it could be a mistake. It could be fake, but the GAC have done this for the better part of a decade and no one has been able to prove that they aren’t genuine.

You can watch the whole episode here, and if you’re interested in this stuff and have the time, you should. For a quick blast of creepy though, check out the clip below.

Oh, and as for the people GAC brought with them on their second trip to Bobby Mackey’s? Several of them reported that they felt something “follow them home” and torment them. A few of them even went to a priest for an exorcism.

Bobby Mackey’s is a messed up place.



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